A Celebration of Forty Years of “History of Political Economy” and the Editorship of Craufurd Goodwin

An issue of: History of Political Economy

A Celebration of Forty Years of “History of Political Economy” and the Editorship of Craufurd Goodwin
Journal Issue Pages: 192 Volume 43, Number 2 Published: 2011 An issue of History of Political Economy
Special Issue Editor: Kevin D. Hoover


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Craufurd Goodwin and History of Political Economy: A Double Anniversary–

Kevin D. Hoover

Keynote Address Back

Uses and Abuses of Adam Smith–

Amartya Sen

Theme 1: The Fine Arts Back

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The Political Economy of Art: Ruskin and Contemporary Cultural Economics – David Throsby

Roundtable Presentations Back

Romantic versus Real-World Art-Making and Valuation – Neil De Marchi

Economics and Aesthetics in Ruskin and Neoclassicism – Robert Leonard

John Ruskin: Ethics in Economics– Annabel Wharton

Theme 2: The Environment Back

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Exchange, Specialization, and Property as a Discovery Process–Vernon L. Smith

Roundtable Presentations Back

Consumer Sovereignty in the History of Environmental Economics– H. Spencer Banzhaf

Inventing Price Systems and Substitutes for Them– V. Kerry Smith

What Begat Property?–

Jonathan B. Wiener

Theme 3: Journalism and Public Policy Back

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The Uses and Misuses of Economics in Daily Journalism– Louis Uchitelle

Roundtable Presentations Back

The Great Recession as a Great Enlightener– William J. Barber

When a Crisis in Journalism Meets an Economy in Crisis – Philip Bennett

Fractals in Economic Journalism– Tiago Mata

Theme 4: Religion Back

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"In a Space of Questions": A Reflection on Religion and Economics at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century – Bradley W. Bateman

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Economics and Antagonisms – Stanley Hauerwas

Whose Economics? Which Religion? Comments on Brad Bateman's "In a Space of Questions" – Kelly Johnson

The Entwinement of Religion and Economics: Comments on Bradley Bateman's "In a Space of Questions" – Barbara Herrnstein Smith

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