American Indian Persistence and Resurgence

American Indian Persistence and Resurgence

a boundary 2 book

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Book Pages: 268 Illustrations: Published: June 1994

American Studies, Anthropology > Cultural Anthropology, Native and Indigenous Studies

This collection celebrates the resurgence of Native Americans within the cultural landscape of the United States. During the past quarter century, the Native American population in the United States has seen an astonishing demographic growth reaching beyond all biological probability as increasing numbers of Americans desire to admit or to claim Native American ancestry. This volume illustrates a unique moment in history, as unprecedented numbers of Native Americans seek to create a powerful, flexible sense of cultural identity.
Diverse commentators, including literary critics, anthropologists, ethnohistorians, poets and a novelist address persistent issues facing Native Americans and Native American studies today. The future of White-Indian relation, the viability of Pan-Indianism, tensions between Native Americans and North American anthropologists, and new devlopments in ethnohistory are among the topics discussed. The survival of Native Americans as recorded in this collection, an expanded edition of a special issue of boundary 2, brings into focus the dynamically adaptive values of Native American culture. Native Americans’ persistence in U.S. culture—not disappearing under the pressure to assimilate or through genocidal warfare—reminds us of the extent to which any living culture is defined by the process of transformation.

Contributors. Linda Ainsworth, Jonathan Boyarin, Raymomd J. DeMallie, Elaine Jahner, Karl Kroeber, William Overstreet, Douglas R. Parks, Katharine Pearce, Jarold Ramsey, Wendy Rose, Edward H. Spicer, Gerald Vizenor, Priscilla Wald



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Karl Kroeber is Mellon Professor in the Humanities at Columbia University and editor emeritus of Studies of American Indian Literatures.

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Native American Resistance and Removal / Karl Kroeber 1

The Nations of a State/ Preface by Rosamond B. Spicer / Edward H. Spicer 27

An Interview with Jack Salzman, Director of the Columbia University Center for American Culture Studies / Karl Kroeber 50

The Navajo Nightway and the Western Gaze / William Overstreet 58

Terms of Assimilation: Legislating Subjectivity in the Emerging Nation / Priscilla Wald 78

Plains Indian Native Literatures / Douglas R. Parks and Raymond J. DeMallie 106

Transitional Narratives and Culture Continuity / Elaine A. Jahner 149

Francis LaFlesche's "The Song of Flying Crow" and the Limits of Ethnography / Jarold Ramsey 181

Europe's Indian, America's Jew: Modiano and Vizenor / Jonathan Boyarin 198

Manifest Manners: The Long Gaze of Christopher Columbus / Gerald Vizenor 224

If Texts are Prayers, What do Wintu Want? / Linda Ainsworth 237

December 1880–1990 / Wendy Rose 248

Retrieving Osceola's Head, Okemah, Oklahoma, June 1985 / Wendy Rose 250

Own / Katharine Pearce 252

Index 253

Contributors 259
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