Arendt, Adorno, New York and Los Angeles

An issue of: New German Critique

Arendt, Adorno, New York and Los Angeles
Journal Issue Pages: 216 Volume 34, Number 1 Number: 100 Published: 2007 An issue of New German Critique
Special Issue Editor: Dana Villa
This issue of New German Critique explores aspects of the works of Theodor W. Adorno and Hannah Arendt, touching on the fate of the Frankfurt School in America, the Eichmann trial, the art of laughter, and modernism.


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1. Genealogies of Total Domination: Arendt, Adorno, and Auschwitz—Dana Villa

2. The Eclipse of Reason and the End of the Frankfurt School in America—James Schmidt

3. Eichmann in Jerusalem, Arendt in Frankfurt: The Eichmann Trial, the Auschwitz Trial, and the Banality of Justice—Devin O. Pendas

4. Der Fall Faustus: Continuity and Displacement in Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno and Thomas Mann's Californian Exile —James McFarland

5. Funnier Than Unhappiness: Adorno and the Art of Laughter—Shea Coulson

6. The City as Crime Scene: Walter Benjamin and the Traces of the Detective—Carlo Salzani

7. Geographies of Modernism in a Globalizing World—Andreas Huyssen

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