Changing Perceptions of Southernness

An issue of: American Speech

Changing Perceptions of Southernness
Journal Issue Pages: 208 Volume 93, Number 3-4 Published: August 2018 An issue of American Speech
Special Issue Editor(s): Jennifer Cramer, Dennis R. Preston
Within American dialectology, few varieties have been given as extensive treatment, in terms of perception and production, as those associated with the American South. In terms of perceptions, a bifurcation of stereotypes of the region at large exists with respect to speech—it’s pleasant, friendly, and homey, but incorrect, uneducated, and slow. This collection represents our current understanding of these broadly defined perceptions, which are held with respect to Southern US English and its many established and emerging subvarieties. Together, the articles paint a picture of emerging detail that illustrates the values of focused community investigation, a constant search for methodological improvement, and the importance of social and personal action.

Contributors: Paulina Bounds, Elaine Wonhee Chun, Jennifer Cramer, Kirk Hazen, Anne H. Charity Hudley, Barbara Johnstone, Christine Mallinson, Dennis R. Preston, Paul E. Reed, Susan Tamasi, Walt Wolfram


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