China in the Twentieth Century

An issue of: Modern Language Quarterly

China in the Twentieth Century
Journal Issue Pages: 204 Volume 69, Number 1 Published: 2008 An issue of Modern Language Quarterly
Special Issue Editor: Wang Ning


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1. Introduction

2. Rethinking Modern Chinese Literature in a Global Context—Wang Ning

3. Articles

4. Opening the Cultural Mind: Translation and the Modern Chinese Literary Canon—Sun Yifeng

5. Lu Xun and Modernism/Postmodernism—Ming Dong Gu

6. Women and the Search for Modernity: Rethinking Modern Chinese Drama—Chengzhou He

7. New Humanism—Li Tonglu

8. Becoming-Obscure: A Constant in the Development of Modern Chinese Poetry—Chen Yongguo

9. Cosmopolitanism and Its Discontents: The Dialectic between the Global and the Local in Lao She's Fiction—Alexander C. Y. Huang

10. The Political Campaign as Genre: Ideology and Iconography during the Seventeen Years Period—Yomi Braester

11. Chinese Postmodernist Fiction—Douwe Fokkema

12. Popular Culture and Body Politics: Beauty Writers in Contemporary China—Sheldon H. Lu

13. Commentary

14. Reading (about) Modern Chinese Literature in a Time of Globalization—J. Hillis Miller

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