Competitive Elections in Developing Countires

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This is the latest in the At the Polls series, in which Duke University Press has joined with the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research to publish studies on the electoral process as it functions around the world. Cited by Choice for its "high standard of scholarly analysis and objectivity," the series provides both a chronicle of events and a thorough analysis of the election results.



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Tables and Figures vii

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1. Empirical Democratic Theory / Myron Weiner 3

Postcolonial Democracies

2. India / Myron Weiner 37

3. Sri Lanka / Robert N. Kearney 77

4. Malaysia / Lee Kam Hing and Michael Ong 112

5. Costa Rica and Jamaica / Mitchell A. Seligson 147

Postauthoritarian Democracies

6. Nigeria / Henry Bienen 201

7. Venezuela / Daniel H. Levine 248

8. Portugal / Howard J. Wiarda 283

9. Turkey / Ergun Ozbudun 328

A Democratic Imitation

10. Romania, 1919-1938 / Mattei Dogan 369


11. Institutionalizing Competitive Elections in Developing Societies / Argun Ozbudun 393

Index 423

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