Conventional Arms Control and East-West Security

Conventional Arms Control and East-West Security

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Book Pages: 532 Illustrations: Published: July 1989

European Studies, Politics > International Relations

This important and timely work, prepared by the leading researchers, planners, and policymakers from both Eastern and Western alliances, analyzes the major issues in the Vienna talks on conventional forces in Europe involving NATO and Warsaw Pact nations. It is likely to have a significant influence on the course of these negotiations and on emerging debate on conventional arms control. The contributors met in Moscow prior to the Vienna conference to review and compare their analyses and revised them thereafter for publication in this work.



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List of Acronyms vii

About the Authors xi

Foreword xvii

Editor's Preface xxi

Introduction / Robert D. Blackwill and F. Stephen Larrabee, USA xxiii

I. The General State of European Security

Part One / Francoise Heisbourg ,France 1

Part Two / Janusz Symonides, Poland 22

II. The Military Balance in Europe

Part One / Richard L. Kugler, USA 44

Part Two / Alexei G. Arbatov, Nikolai Kishilov, and Oleg Amirov, USSR 66

III. The Political Objectives of Conventional Arms Control

Part One / Ian Cuthbertson, UK 90

Part Two / Laszlo Labody, Hungary 116

IV. The Military Objectives of Conventional Arms Control

Part One / K. Peter Stratmann, FRG 140

Part Two / Alexander A. Konovalov, USSR 164

V. NATO/WTO Military Doctrine

Part One / Peer H. Lange, FRG 186

Part Two / Andrei A. Kokoshin, USSR 212

VI. Conventional Arms Reduction Approaches

Part One / David A. Ochmanek and Edward L. Warner III, USA 231

Part Two / Alexei G. Arbatov, USSR 258

VII. Verifying Conventional Force Reduction and Limitations

Part One / Jonathan Dean, USA 280

Part Two / Andrzej Karkoszka, Poland 307

VIII. Confidence- and Security-Building Measures

Part One / Timothy E. Wirth, USA 342

Part Two / Adam-Daniel Rotfeld, Poland 359

IX. Constraints

Part One / Richard E. Darilek and John K. Setear, USA 379

Part Two / Manfred Mueller, GDR 405

X. Nuclear Weapons and Conventional Arms Control

Part One / Arnold Kanter, USA 422

Part Two / Alexei A. Vasliev, USSR 442

Conclusion: What Next for Conventional Forces in Europe? / Robert D. Blackwill and F. Stephen Larrabee, USA 462

Index 473
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