Critical Theory and Chinese Literary Studies

An issue of: Prism

Critical Theory and Chinese Literary Studies
Journal Issue Pages: 260 Volume 17, Number 2 Published: October 2020 An issue of Prism
Special Issue Editor: Zong-qi Cai
Contributors to this special issue present the fruits of transpacific collaboration and a cross- section of innovative scholarship on Chinese literature pursued by scholars with diverse interests in critical theory. The essays tackle a wide range of issues in the studies of premodern and modern Chinese literature, such as ecocriticism, gender, intertextuality, orientalism, and affect.

Contributors: Zong-qi Cai, Ban Wang, Winnie L.M. Yee, Liang Shi, Carlos Rojas, Keru Cai, Kenny K.K. Ng, Martin Svensson Ekström, Xiaolu Ma, Haiyan Lee


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