Environmental History

An issue of: Hispanic American Historical Review

Environmental History
Journal Issue Pages: 220 Volume 92, Number 1 Published: February 2012 An issue of Hispanic American Historical Review


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Vera Candiani

The Desagüe Reconsidered: Environmental Dimensions of Class Conflict in Colonial Mexico

Matthew Vitz

“The Lands with Which We Shall Struggle”: Land Reclamation, Revolution, and Development in Mexico’s Lake Texcoco Basin, 1910 – 1950

Christopher R. Boyer and Emily Wakild

Social Landscaping in the Forests of Mexico: An Environmental Interpretation of Cardenismo, 1934–1940

Mark Carey

Mountaineers and Engineers: The Politics of International Science, Recreation, and Environmental Change in Twentieth-Century Peru

Keely Maxwell

Tourism, Environment, and Development on the Inca Trail

Book Reviews

General and Sources

Stuart B. Schwartz

Empires of God: Religious Encounters in the Early Modern Atlantic–Gregerson LindaJuster Susan (Ed.)

Juan Javier Pescador

Biography of a Mexican Crucifix: Lived Religion and Local Faith from the Conquest to the Present–Hughes Jennifer Scheper.

Colonial Period

Frank “Trey” Proctor III

Imperial Subjects: Race and Identity in Colonial Latin America–Fisher Andrew B.O’Hara Matthew D. (Eds.)

Sarah Kurnick

Natives, Europeans, and Africans in Colonial Campeche: History and Archaeology–Tiesler VeraZabala PilarCucina Andrea (Eds.)

Bruno Feitler

Swimming the Christian Atlantic Judeoconversos, Afroiberians and Amerindians in the Seventeenth Century–Schorsch Jonathan.

Jonathan Schorsch

Through Cracks in the Wall: Modern Inquisitions and New Christian Letrados in the Iberian Atlantic World–Costigan Lúcia Helena.

National Period

Christine Hunefeldt

La independencia y la cultura política peruana (1808–1821)–Ruiz Víctor Peralta.

David Scott Palmer

Before the Shining Path: Politics in Rural Ayacucho, 1895–1980–Heilman Jaymie Patricia

José Antonio Sánchez Román

Historia económica de la Argentina en el siglo XIX–Hora Roy

Pablo Vila

The Argentine Folklore Movement: Sugar Elites, Criollo Workers, and the Politics of Cultural Nationalism, 1900–1955–Chamosa Oscar

Natalia Milanesio

The Ruins of the New Argentina: Peronism and the Remaking of San Juan after the 1944 Earthquake–Healey Mark

Andrew E. Masich

Maximilian, Mexico, and the Invention of Empire–Ibsen Kristine

Kathleen López

The Chinese in Mexico, 1882–1940–Romero Robert Chao

Andrew Grant Wood

Crafting Mexico: Intellectuals, Artisans, and the State after the Revolution–López Rick A.

Laura Randall

Paulo Freire and the Cold War Politics of Literacy–Kirkendall Andrew J

International and Comparative

John Fisher

Colonialism and Postcolonial Development: Spanish America in Comparative Perspective–Mahoney James

Brian Delay

Bridging National Borders in North America: Transnational and Comparative Histories–Johnson Benjamin H.Graybill Andrew R.. American Encounters / Global Interactions.

William Schell, Jr.

Leading Them to the Promised Land: Woodrow Wilson, Covenant Theology, and the Mexican Revolution, 1913–1915–Benbow Mark. Kent

John L. Rector

A New Deal for the Tropics: Puerto Rico during the Depression Era, 1932–1935–Rodríguez Manuel R.

Joel Wolfe

De Martí a Fidel: A Revolução Cubana e a América Latina–Bandeira Luiz Alberto Moniz.

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