Environmental Politics and Policy

Theories and Evidence

Environmental Politics and Policy

Book Pages: 400 Illustrations: Published: May 1995

Environmental Studies, Politics > Public Policy

Completely revised throughout, and including five new chapters, this second edition of Environmental Politics and Policy provides an updated review and synthesis of the political science literature on the subject of environmental politics and policy. Various chapters by leading scholars in the field analyze and describe the role of public opinion, interest groups, political parties, Congress, the Executive Branch, the Courts, and elites as they have influenced the formation of U.S. environmental policies over the past twenty-five years. The book also provides ideas for future research and will stimulate thinking about the subject in the 1990s and beyond.

From reviews of the First Edition:
"All the authors in this collection of essays are well known in the field of environmental policy. Their breadth of knowledge, and diversity of perspectives, permit a rich and comprehensive coverage of the scholarly work in this field."—Daniel McCool, Journal of Politics

"An excellent collection of readings with a strong emphasis on institutional analysis as an approach to environmental policy in the United States."—Robert Paehlke, Natural Resources and Environmental Administration

"No better review of the political science of environmental policy-making has yet been published."—Christopher J. Bailey, Environmental Politics

Contributors. David Colnic, Douglas Costain, John S. Dryzek, Riley E. Dunlap, Helen M. Ingram, Sheldon Kamieniecki, Michael E. Kraft, James P. Lester, Dean E. Mann, Evan J. Ringquist, Walter A. Rosenbaum, Mark E. Rushefsky, Gerald B. Thomas, Lettie M. Wenner



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James P. Lester is Professor of Political Science at Colorado State University.

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List of Tables and Figures ix

Preface and Acknowledgments xi

1. Introduction / James P. Lester 1

Part One. The Historical Context

2. The Evolution of Environmentalism / W. Douglas Costain and James P. Lester 15

3. Federalism and State Environmental Policy / James P. Lester 39

Part Two. Actors and Institutions

4. Public Opinion and Environmental Policy / Riley E. Dunlap 63

5. Interest Groups and Environmental Policy / Helen M. Ingram, David H. Colnic, and Dean E. Mann 115

6. Political Parties and Environmental Policy / Sheldon Kamieniecki 146

7. Congress and Environmental Policy / Michael E. Kraft 168

8. The Bureaucracy and Environmental Policy / Walter A. Rosenbaum 206

9. The Courts and Environmental Policy / Lettie McSpadden 242

10. Elites and Environmental Policy / Mark E. Rushefsky 275

Part Three. Environmental Policy Outcomes

11. Evaluating Environmental Policy Outcomes / Evan J. Ringquist 303

12. Alternative Views of the Environmental Problematic / John S. Dryzek and James P. Lester 238

13. The Politics of Hope: An Eclectic Vision of the Future / Gerald B. Thomas 347

Appendix: Selected Statistics on Environmental Policy 365

Index 379

Contributors 387
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