European Energy Challenge

East and West

European Energy Challenge

Duke Press Policy Studies

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Book Pages: 234 Illustrations: Published: February 1985

Editor: George W. Hoffman

Contributor: Leslie Dienes

Environmental Studies

By examining all of Europe in a single study, an eminent geographer and expert on European development makes, in this volume, a unique contribution to the understanding of the changing energy relations of the European countries, east and west. The book examines the problem of establishing a reliable energy supply base in western Europe through structural changes and alternate and substitute energy sources. The volume also evaluates western European security problems arising from present and future reliance on Soviet energy and relates this to North Sea supplies of gas and oil, indigenous and import supplies, and nuclear power generation.



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Tables ix

Figures xi

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xv

Abbreviations xvii

A Note on the Statistical Base for This Study xix

Comparative Measurements xxi

Introduction xxiii

1. Europe's Energy Dilemma: Its Impact on Developments in the 1980s 1

2. Energy Endowment, Trends, and Options in the 1980s 28

3. Energy Efficiency and Conservation in Eastern and Western Europe 89

4. The Soviet Union as an Increasingly Important Provider of Energy Supplies 113

5. Dependable Energy Supplies and Security Implications for Western Europe 136

Appendix A. Primary Energy Consumption by Type, 1960–90 157

Appendix B. Primary Energy Balance Sheet, 1960–82 161

Appendix C. Solid Fuels Balance Sheet, 1960–82 165

Appendix D. Gaseous Fuels Balance Sheet, 1960–82 169

Appendix E. Liquid Fuels Balance Sheet, 1960–82 173

Glossary 177

Notes 180

Selected Bibliography 200

Index 205

Biographical Note 209
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