Exchange Values: Poetics and Cognitive Science (II)

An issue of: Poetics Today

Exchange Values: Poetics and Cognitive Science (II)
Journal Issue Pages: 152 Volume 32, Number 4 Published: Winter 2011 An issue of Poetics Today
Special Issue Editor: Mark Bruhn


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Exchange Values: Poetics and Cognitive Science (II)

Mark J. Bruhn, Guest Editor


Mark J. Bruhn

Harmonious Madness: The Poetics of Analogy at the Limits of Blending Theory

Alan Richardson

Defaulting to Fiction: Neuroscience Rediscovers the Romantic Imagination

David S. Miall

Wordsworth’s “First-Born Affinities”: Intimations of Embodied Cognition

Margaret H. Freeman

The Aesthetics of Human Experience: Minding, Metaphor, and Icon in Poetic Expression

New Books at a Glance

Eyal Segal

The “Lazarillo” Phenomenon: Essays on the Adventures of a Classic Text–by Coll-Tellechea ReyesMcDaniel Sean, (eds.)

Eyal Segal

Allegory–by Tambling Jeremy

Eyal Segal

Why Do We Care about Literary Characters?–by Vermeule Blakey.

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