False Promises

The Shaping of American Working Class Consciousness

False Promises

Book Pages: 520 Illustrations: Published: December 1991

American Studies, History > U.S. History, Sociology > Labor

This classic study of the American working class, originally published in 1973, is now back in print with a new introduction and epilogue by the author. An innovative blend of first-person experience and original scholarship, Aronowitz traces the historical development of the American working class from post-Civil War times and shows why radical movements have failed to overcome the forces that tend to divde groups of workers from one another. The rise of labor unions is analyzed, as well as their decline as a force for social change. Aronowitz’s new introduction situates the book in the context of developments in current scholarship and the epilogue discusses the effects of recent economic and political changes in the American labor movement.


“An important new approach to the American working class.” — Ed Townsend , Christian Science Monitor

“Stanley Aronowitz has written what is perhaps one of the most challenging works of contemporary social criticism.” — Ronald Radosh , The Nation

In praise of the original edition:
False Promises is a rich, suggestive, and honest book. . . . [This book] stimulates the labor historian’s imagination.” — Robert H. Zieger, Journal of American History

“A fascinating work of social history, thoughtful, informed and most suggestive. Aronowitz has succeeded brilliantly in evoking the character of modern industrial society.” — Noam Chomsky

“Stanley Aronowitz succeeds marvelously in breaking the ritualized categories of sociologists in this field and in revealing the ideological content and function of these categories.” — Herbert Marcuse


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