Fanon: Imperative of the Now

An issue of: South Atlantic Quarterly

Fanon: Imperative of the Now
Journal Issue Pages: 220 Volume 112, Number 1 Published: Winter 2013 An issue of South Atlantic Quarterly
Special Issue Editor: Grant Farred
This collection of essays marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Frantz Fanon’s classic study of anticolonial struggle, The Wretched of the Earth. Scholars explore the relevance of Fanon’s work for current modes of psychoanalysis, postcolonial theory, and political thought. One contributor reposes a classic question of postcolonial scholarship: what does it mean for a colonial Caribbean man to practice a Continental intellectual tradition? Others identify Fanon’s experiences working at a mental institution in colonial French Algeria as a powerful influence on his psychoanalytic perspective. This issue revitalizes Fanon’s canonical status as Third World theorist by asserting that the main imperatives of Fanon’s work remain as urgent as ever: combating the psychic and physical violence of colonialism, achieving real forms of liberation for colonized peoples, and ending the degradation of people of color.

Contributors: Matthew Abraham, Gerard Aching, John E. Drabinski, Grant Farred, Nigel C. Gibson, Priyamvada Gopal, Joy James, Ranjana Khanna, Alfred J. López, Miguel Mellino, Simon Morgan Wortham, Richard Pithouse

Grant Farred is Professor of Africana Studies and English at Cornell University. He is the former editor of the South Atlantic Quarterly and the author, most recently, of Long Distance Love: A Passion for Football.


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Imperative of the Now - Grant Farred

Fanon’s Two Memories - John E. Drabinski

No Need for an Apology: Fanon’s Untimely Critique of Political Consciousness - Gerard Aching

A Wholly Other Time? Fanon, the Revolutionary, and the Question of Organization - Nigel C. Gibson

“Concerning Violence”: Frantz Fanon’s Rebel Intellectual in Search of a Black Cyborg - Joy James

Occupying Reality: Fanon Reading Hegel - Alfred J. López

The Langue of the Damned: Fanon and the Remnants of Europe - Miguel Mellino

“The Open Door of Every Consciousness” - Richard Pithouse

The Fanonian Specter in Palestine: Suicide Bombing and the Final Colonial War - Matthew Abraham

Concerning Maoism: Fanon, Revolutionary Violence, and Postcolonial India - Priyamvada Gopal

The Lumpenproletariat, the Subaltern, the Mental Asylum - Ranjana Khanna

“Nostalgeria”: Derrida, before and after Fanon - Grant Farred

Afterword: Impossible Divisions - Simon Morgan Wortham


Labor in China: A New Politics of Struggle

The Labor Question in China: Apple and Beyond - Ralph Litzinger

The Spatial Politics of Labor in China: Life, Labor, and a New Generation of Migrant Workers - Ngai Pun and Jenny Chan

Reflections on Labor in China: From a Moment to a Movement - Tim Pringle

Labor Politics under Three Stages of Chinese Capitalism - Ho-fung Hung


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