Fashion in French History

An issue of: French Historical Studies

Fashion in French History
Journal Issue Pages: 220 Volume 43, Number 2 Published: April 2020 An issue of French Historical Studies
Special Issue Editor(s): Maude Bass-Krueger, Sophie Kurkdjian, Steve Zdatny
This special issue is devoted to the study of fashion in French history from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Contributors highlight the multidisciplinary nature of fashion history and show the diverse ways that fashion can be interpreted. Covering a wide variety of topics, from early modern linen to nineteenth-century fashion plates to the Eiffel Tower, the authors examine French fashion’s sociocultural history, material culture, literary history, business history, and visual culture studies.

Contributors: Maude Bass-Krueger, Astrid Castres, Florence Brachet Champsaur, Sarah-Grace Heller, Susan Hiner, Sara Hume, Sophie Kurkdjian, Kasia Stempniak, Sarah Sussman, Kendra Van Cleave, Steven Zdatny


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