Fiftieth Anniversary Issue

An issue of: Journal of Music Theory

Fiftieth Anniversary Issue
Journal Issue Volume 50, Number 1 Published: 2006 An issue of Journal of Music Theory
Special Issue Editor: Ian Quinn


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1. Editor's Note–Ian Quinn

2. Introduction to the Issue–Daniel Harrison



4. Journal of Music Theory under Allen Forte's Editorship–David Carson Berry

5. Journal of Music Theory over the Years: Content Analysis of the Articles and Related Aspects–Yosef Goldenberg

Analysis Symposium: “Das alte Jahr vergangen ist” BWV 614

6. Of Time and Eternity: Reflections on "Das alte Jahr vergangen ist"–William Renwick

7. Inventing a Melody with Harmony: Tonal Potential and Bach's "Das alte Jahr vergangen ist"–Marianne Kielian-Gilbert

8. Key Structure in "Das alte Jahr vergangen ist"–David Temperley

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