From Weimar to the Cold War

An issue of: New German Critique

From Weimar to the Cold War
Journal Issue Pages: 236 Volume 42, Number 3 Number: 126 Published: November 2015 An issue of New German Critique
Shedding light on the connections between Weimar and the postwar era is far more than a matter of historical periodization. The articles in this collection provide a new understanding of key experiences and ideas that helped shape postwar politics and culture. They point to the vast intellectual and artistic reservoir that fed the works and thinking of many important figures of the postwar era. Moreover, by bringing together diverse fields—visual culture and social theory, political ideology and jurisprudence—this special issue highlights the many connections between them. It shows how seemingly disparate developments were related. Each article explores the trajectory of a prominent Cold War individual, concept, or discourse developed during the first third of the twentieth century. Together, they offer a fresh assessment of the multiple sources that made the Cold War order.


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