Guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy

Guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy

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The Guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy is a comprehensive presentation of definitions, philosophies, policies, models, and analyses of global environmental and developmental issues. With a wealth of comparative, multidisciplinary, and geographically varied perspectives on environmental governance, it also provides detailed and balanced discussions about specific environmental issues.
The guide combines formal, objective entries with critical commentaries that emphasize different opinions and controversies. With succinct explanations of more than a thousand terms, thoughtful interpretations by international experts, and helpful cross-referencing, this resource is designed to serve as a roadmap for understanding the issues and debates in the overlapping fields of environment and development. Intended for use by activists, journalists, policymakers, students, scholars, and interested citizens, the Guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy will be a helpful tool for anyone trying to get a comprehensive look at the many environmental organizations, schools of thought, development programs, international environmental treaties, conventions, and strategies that have proliferated in the past few decades.


"[A] broad-ranging reference work. . . . [T]he commentaries are true gems and provide food for thought. . . .[A] valuable contribution to the field and is well worth consulting either for its specific entries or to peruse a section to get some sense of a topic as a whole. . . . [V]ery interesting reading." — Andrew Harris , Stanford Environmental Law Journal

"[A] helpful resource for those who need a quick reference for the many ideologies, organizations, acronyms, institutions and approaches that now imbue the realm of resource and environmental management." — Kevin S. Hanna, Environments

"[A] well-organized and easy-to-read guide to many of the major ones and a good place to start for either the neophyte or the seasoned veteran trying to keep up with developments in other areas of the subfield. . . . [T]his guide is an incredibly useful resource for scholars, policy makers, activists, journalists, and anyone else interested in making sense of the sustainable development morass. It offers descriptions general enough to be useful to those who have had only limited exposure to the field, but it also goes into sufficient detail that specialists could benefit from it as well. And it is just plain helpful for anyone who has always wondered what on earth 'creeping jurisdiction' is anyway." — Jericho Burg , Journal of Environment and Development

"Natalia Mirovitskaya and William Ascher provide an indispensable resource of information with their work Guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy. The book is a very useful source of reference, with definitions and cross-references. Concepts are not related alphabetically but instead depicted by category, accompanied by commentaries and a rich bibliography. It is evident that the book is a result of hard work by the editors. The Guide constitutes a must for economists and environmentalists alike in an era when the concepts of conservation and consumption have become blueprints for everyday life." — Yannis N. Kinnas , Journal of Environment and Development

"The beauty of this guide is the thorough treatment of terminology and definitions related to global environmental and developmental issues, which makes it a really useful resource. There is a wealth of information on policies, models, and analysis of environmental problems. The focus is global rather than local. This is a welcome change since most of the literature published in the United States on this topic so far has discussed only local perspectives. The Guide to Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy is multidisciplinary in nature and tackles environmental issues in the light of a variety of disciplines such as economics, demography, policy, and governance. . . . [T]his resource is expected to serve as a roadmap for the perception of issues and concerns associated with the fields of environment and development. Educators, students, researchers, policymakers, activists, and journalists will find much to their liking in this guide. The chapters on sustainability and major environmental problems are recommended reading for the general public, too, because without the involvement of the masses, we cannot achieve the dream of a sustainable world." — Umar Karim Mirza , Electronic Green Journal

"This volume on global environment and development issues provides more than 1,000 brief definitions and descriptions of field-related policies, philosophies, models, and analyses. . . . [A]n excellent overview of the issues. This source will be useful to anyone wanting a good background on the environment and the ever-changing terminology related to it. The multitude of environmental issues that overlap with development is daunting, but this condensed guide will provide readers with insight into the many controversies related to sustaining human existence in an increasingly polluted and overworked environment. . . . The reasonable price for the paperback edition and the understandable format will make this an excellent addition to high school, public, and academic libraries." — Diane J. Turner , American Reference Books Annual

“This useful and unusual resource brings together a large number of interrelating concepts on an important and contentious issue.” — Lynton K. Caldwell, author of International Environmental Policy: From the Twentieth to the Twenty-First Century

“This useful reference work provides grounding for two essential tasks: understanding the needs of the present, and engaging with the compromises implicit in any attempt to assure that future generations will be able to meet their own needs.” — Kai N. Lee, Williams College


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Natalia Mirovitskaya is Visiting Research Fellow of Public Policy at Duke University. She is the author of Biological Resources of the Ocean: International Aspects and numerous other publications on international environmental policy and resource management.

William L. Ascher is Vice President, Dean of the Faculty, and Donald C. McKenna Professor of Government and Economics at Claremont McKenna College in California. His numerous books include Natural Resource Policymaking in Developing Countries, coauthored with Robert Healy and also published by Duke University Press. Mirovitskaya and Ascher are also coauthors of The Caspian Sea: A Quest for Environmental Security.

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Introduction xxix

Contributors xxxiii

1. Basic Concepts of Development and Environment

2. Sustainability

3. Main Factors Behind Development and Environmental Change

4. International Political Economy of Environment and Development

5. Decision Making

6. Major Problems of Environmental Degradation and Development

References 353

Index 371

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