Homo Liber: Essays in Honor of Antonio Negri

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Homo Liber: Essays in Honor of Antonio Negri
Journal Issue Pages: 84 Volume 46, Number 2 Published: Summer 2013 An issue of Genre


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Introduction: Homines liberi - Timothy S. Murphy

Starting Again from the Top - Franco “Bifo” Berardi

Care and the Common - Alisa Del Re

Books for Burning - Ed Emery

Negri's Untimely Spinoza - Pierre Macherey

Materials for a Subversive Constitutionalism - Ugo Mattei

Reinventing Drama with Toni Negri: Fragments from Two Working Sessions on Swarm with Barbara Nicolier - David Tuaillon

How to Write with Four Hands - Michael Hardt

Antonio Negri: Major Works, 1958 – 2013

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