Immigration and Nation

An issue of: Hispanic American Historical Review

Immigration and Nation
Journal Issue Pages: 216 Volume 86, Number 1 Published: 2006 An issue of Hispanic American Historical Review
Special Issue Editor: José C Moya


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1. Contributors

2. A Continent of Immigrants: Postcolonial Shifts in the Western Hemisphere–José C. Moya

3. Hispanofobia y revolución: Españoles expulsados de México (1911–1940)–Pablo Yankelevich

4. Immigrant Positioning in Twentieth-Century Mexico: Middle Easterners, Foreign Citizens, and Multiculturalism–Theresa Alfaro-Velcamp

5. In the Name of the Community: Populism, Ethnicity, and Politics among the Jews of Argentina under Perón, 1946–1955–Lawrence D. Bell


6. Andre Gunder Frank (1929-2005)–William Schell

7. Mario Rodríguez (1922-2005)–Dauril Alden and Wayne Clegern

Book Reviews

8. Blacks, Coloureds, and National Identity in Nineteenth-Century Latin America–Aims McGuinness

9. Christian Democracy in Latin America: Electoral Competition and Regime Conflicts–Steve Ellner

10. Resurgent Voices in Latin America: Indigenous Peoples, Political Mobilization, and Religious Change–José Antonio Lucero

11. Historia general de Panamá–Allan J. Kuethe

12. Ancient Cuzco: Heartland of the Inca–Susan Elizabeth Ramírez

13. Rabina Achi: A Mayan Drama of War and Sacrifice–Robert Carmack

14. Early Spanish American Narrative–David William Foster

15. Writing to Cuba: Filibustering and Cuban Exiles in the United States–Alan McPherson

16. The Origins of Mexican Catholicism: Nahua Rituals and Sacraments in Sixteenth-Century Mexico–Barry D. Sell

17. Gardens of New Spain: How Mediterranean Plants and Foods Changed America–J. R. McNeill

18. Mestizajes tecnológicos y cambios culturales en México–Charlotte M. Gradie

19. Memorial de Sololá: Edición facsimilar del manuscrito original–Heather J. Abdelnur

20. El memorial de Sololá y los inicios de la colonización española en Guatemala–Heather J. Abdelnur

21. Von Bankiers und Kaufleuten: Räten, Reedern und Piraten, Hintermännern und Strohmännern. Aufsätze zur atlantischen Expansion Spaniens–Wim Klooster

20. Religião como tradução: Missionários, Tupi e Tapuia no Brasil colonial–Alida C. Metcalf

21. Politica e governo nel Nuevo Mondo: Francisco Toledo, viceré del Perù (1569-1581)–Pilar Latasa

22.Undoing Empire: Race and Nation in the Mulatto Caribbean–Alejandra Bronfman

23. The Myth of José Martí: Conflicting Nationalism in Early Twentieth-Century Cuba–Kirwin Shaffer

24.The Hacienda in Mexico–Carlos González-Herrera

25.Cartographic Mexico: A History of State Fixations and Fugitive Landscapes–Frans J. Schryer

26.The Divine Charter: Constitutionalism and Liberalism in Nineteenth-Century Mexico–Timothy E. Anna

27.From Liberal to Revolutionary Oaxaca: The View from the South, Mexico 1867-1911–Heather Fowler-Salamini

28.A Pueblo Divided: Business, Property and Community in Papantla, Mexico–David G. Lafrance

29.The Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution: The Bloodiest Decade, 1910-1920–Douglas W. Richmond

30. Juan Soldado: Rapist, Murderer, Martyr, Saint–Adrian Bantjes

31. Reliving Golgotha: The Passion Play of Iztapalapa–Jeanette Favrot Peterson

32. Con sabor a tertulia: Historia del consumo del café en Costa Rica (1840-1940)–Steven Topik

33. Race, State, and Armed Forces in Independence-Era Brazil: Bahia, 1790s-1840s–Vitor Izecksohn

34. British Merchants in Nineteenth-Century

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