Islam and Secularity

The Future of Europe's Public Sphere

Islam and Secularity

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Book Pages: 280 Illustrations: Published: October 2015

Author: Nilüfer Göle

European Studies, Religious Studies, Sociology > Social Theory

In Islam and Secularity Nilüfer Göle takes on two pressing issues: the transforming relationship between Islam and Western secular modernity and the impact of the Muslim presence in Europe. Göle shows how the visibility of Islamic practice in the European public sphere unsettles narratives of Western secularism. As mutually constitutive, Islam and secularism permeate each other, the effects of which play out in embodied and aesthetic practices and are accompanied by fear, anxiety, and violence. In this timely book, Göle illuminates the recent rethinking of secularism and religion, of modernity and resistance to it, of the public significance of sexuality, and of the shifting terrain of identity in contemporary Europe.


"Once again, then, Göle attends simultaneously to the asymmetries of power and the dynamics of reinvention—the hallmark more generally of this readable, analytically complex, and timely new book." — Mayanthi Fernando, Reading Religion

"Göle’s contributions are manifold. . . . This work is a must-read for a graduate seminar on the topic. It is highly recommended for both researchers and nonprofessionals." — Hakan Erdagöz, Sociology of Religion

"Islam and Secularity makes for very rewarding and stimulating reading. It is exceptionally well suited to relocate debates about European secularity and Islam into global and historical perspectives. Concise and clearly written, the book is packed with wide-ranging arguments that will challenge the reader on many levels and with fascinating case studies." — Frank Peter, Journal of Islamic Studies

"Nilüfer Göle's insistence on the 'interpenetration' of Muslim and European experience is a major contribution, offering incisive theoretical formulations. In explicating the mutual interactions and transformations that arise from the conflicts and anxieties that accompany the proximity of Islam within Europe, she comments in new and insightful ways about Muslim/European relations. Göle is a major thinker who deserves more prominence."  — Joan W. Scott, Institute for Advanced Study

"The secular is never neutral, but it has been deployed in particularly challenging ways in relation to Islam. Nilüfer Göle's discussion in Islam and Secularity takes up the shifting projects and stances that shape this relationship, especially in Turkey and France, but in ways that are of global significance."   — Craig Calhoun, Director of the London School of Economics and Political Science


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Nilüfer Göle is Professor of Sociology at the Centre d'Études Sociologiques et Politiques Raymond Aron and the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris). She is the author of Islam in Europe: The Lure of Fundamentalism and the Allure of Cosmopolitanism and editor of Islam and Public Controversy in Europe.

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Acknowledgments  ix

1. Public Sphere beyond Religious-Secular Dichotomies  1

2. Secular Modernity in Question  31

3. Religious-Secular Frontiers: State, Public Sphere, and the Self  53

4. Web of Secular Power: Civilization, Space, and Sexuality  73

5. The Gendered Nature of the Public Sphere  103

6. Public Islam: New Visibilities and New Imaginaries  135

7. Public Culture, Art, and Islam: Turkish-Delight in Vienna  161

8. Europe's Trouble with Islam: What Future?  193

Notes  227

Bibliography  243

Index  257
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