Jacques Lacan and the Other Side of Psychoanalysis

Reflections on Seminar XVII, sic vi

Book Pages: 344 Illustrations: Published: May 2006

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This collection is the first extended interrogation in any language of Jacques Lacan's Seminar XVII. Originally delivered just after the Paris uprisings of May 1968, Seminar XVII marked a turning point in Lacan’s thought; it was both a step forward in the psychoanalytic debates and an important contribution to social and political issues. Collecting important analyses by many of the major Lacanian theorists and practitioners, this anthology is at once an introduction, critique, and extension of Lacan’s influential ideas.

The contributors examine Lacan’s theory of the four discourses, his critique of the Oedipus complex and the superego, the role of primal affects in political life, and his prophetic grasp of twenty-first-century developments. They take up these issues in detail, illuminating the Lacanian concepts with in-depth discussions of shame and guilt, literature and intimacy, femininity, perversion, authority and revolt, and the discourse of marketing and political rhetoric. Topics of more specific psychoanalytic interest include the role of objet a, philosophy and psychoanalysis, the status of knowledge, and the relation between psychoanalytic practices and the modern university.

Contributors. Geoff Boucher, Marie-Hélène Brousse, Justin Clemens, Mladen Dolar, Oliver Feltham, Russell Grigg, Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, Dominique Hecq, Dominiek Hoens, Éric Laurent, Juliet Flower MacCannell, Jacques-Alain Miller, Ellie Ragland, Matthew Sharpe, Paul Verhaeghe, Slavoj Žižek, Alenka Zupancic


“Essential. Graduate students, researchers, faculty, and professionals.” — M. Uebel, Choice

“This new book, Jacques Lacan and the Other Side of Psychoanalysis, comes not a moment too soon. I say that because when I read the first essay I wished that I had already read it, already knew it. . . . I would recommend it as essential to any scholar of Lacan’s work.” — Lizzy Newman, Cosmos and History


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Justin Clemens is Senior Lecturer in Literature and Psychoanalytic Studies at Deakin University in Australia. He is the author of The Romanticism of Contemporary Theory and a coauthor of Avoiding the Subject.

Russell Grigg is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Psychoanalytic Studies at Deakin University. He is a coeditor of Female Sexuality: The Early Psychoanalytic Controversies and the translator of Lacan’s Seminar XVII (forthcoming).

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Introduction 1

I. Clinic of the Discourses

1. On Shame / Jacques-Alain Miller 11

2. Enjoyment and Impossibility: Lacan’s Revision of the Oedipus Complex / Paul Verhaeghe 29

3. Beyond the Oedipus Complex / Russell Grigg 50

4. The Hysteric’s Truth / Ellie Ragland 69

5. Toward a New Perversion: Psychoanalysis / Dominiek Hoens 88

II. The Other Side of Psychoanalysis

6. Objet a in Social Links / Slavoj Žižek 107

7. Hegel as the Other Side of Psychoanalysis / Mladen Dolar 129

8. When Surplus Enjoyment Meets Surplus Value / Alenka Zupancic 155

9. Enjoy Your Stay: Structural Change in Seminar XVII / Oliver Feltham 179

10. More Thoughts for the Times on War and Death: The Discourse of Capitalism in Seminar XVII / Juliet Flower MacCannell 195

11. The Impossible Power of Psychoanalysis / Dominique Hecq 216

III. Discourses of Contemporary Life

12. Symptom and Discourse / Éric Laurent 229

13. Common Markets and Segregation / Marie-Helene Brousse

14. The Intimate, the Extimate, and Psychoanalytic Discourse / Pierre-Gilles Gueguen 263

15. Bureaucratic Speech Acts and the University Discourse: Lacan’s Theory of Modernity / Geoff Boucher 274

16. The “Revolution” in Advertising and University Discourse / Matthew Sharpe 392

Contributors 315

Index 319
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