Japan After Japan

Social and Cultural Life from the Recessionary 1990s to the Present

Japan After Japan

Asia-Pacific: Culture, Politics, and Society

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Book Pages: 456 Illustrations: Published: October 2006

Asian Studies > East Asia, Cultural Studies

The prolonged downturn in the Japanese economy that began during the recessionary 1990s triggered a complex set of reactions both within Japan and abroad, reshaping not only the country’s economy but also its politics, society, and culture. In Japan After Japan, scholars of history, anthropology, literature, and film explore the profound transformations in Japan since the early 1990s, providing complex analyses of a nation in transition, linking its present to its past and connecting local situations to global developments.

Several of the essayists reflect on the politics of history, considering changes in the relationship between Japan and the United States, the complex legacy of Japanese colonialism, Japan’s chronic unease with its wartime history, and the postwar consolidation of an ethnocentric and racist nationalism. Others analyze anxieties related to the role of children in society and the weakening of the gendered divide between workplace and home. Turning to popular culture, contributors scrutinize the avid consumption of “real events” in formats including police shows, quiz shows, and live Web camera feeds; the creation, distribution, and reception of Pokémon, the game-based franchise that became a worldwide cultural phenomenon; and the ways that the behavior of zealous fans of anime both reinforces and clashes with corporate interests. Focusing on contemporary social and political movements, one essay relates how a local citizens’ group pressed the Japanese government to turn an international exposition, the Aichi Expo 2005, into a more environmentally conscious project. Another essay offers both a survey of emerging political movements and a manifesto identifying new possibilities for radical politics in Japan. Together the contributors to Japan After Japan present much-needed insight into the wide-ranging transformations of Japanese society that began in the 1990s.

Contributors. Anne Allison, Andrea G. Arai, Eric Cazdyn, Leo Ching, Harry Harootunian, Marilyn Ivy, Sabu Kohso, J. Victor Koschmann, Thomas LaMarre, Masao Miyoshi, Yutaka Nagahara, Naoki Sakai, Tomiko Yoda, Yoshimi Shunya, Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto


Japan after Japan is a vital piece of scholarship and an indispensable guide to the social debates emerging from 1990s Japan.” — David Leheny, Journal of Japanese Studies

“[T]he book is interesting and worth reading. . .” — Eric Cunningham, Canadian Journal of History

“[T]o have such a fine and stimulating collection of essays on Japan’s recent cultural and social life appear together in one book is a welcome development.” — Mark McLelland, Media International Australia


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Tomiko Yoda is Associate Professor in the Department of Asian and African Languages and Literature, Program in Literature, and Department of Women’s Studies at Duke University. She is the author of Gender and National Literature: Heian Texts in the Construction of Japanese Modernity, published by Duke University Press.

Harry Harootunian is Professor of East Asian Studies and History at New York University. His many books include Learning Places: The Afterlives of Area Studies (with Masao Miyoshi), also published by Duke University Press.

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Introduction / Harry Harootunian and Tomiko Yoda 1

A Roadmap to Millennial Japan / Tomiko Yoda 16

The University and the “Global Economy”: The Cases of the United States and Japan / Masao Miyoshi 54

The University, Disciplines, National Identity: Why Is There No Film Studies in Japan? / Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto 81

Japan’s Long Postwar: The Trick of Memory and the Ruse of History / Harry Harootunian 98

National Subjectivity and the Uses of Atonement in the Age of Recession / J. Victor Koschmann 122

“Give Me Japan and Nothing Else!”: Postcoloniality, Identity, and the Traces of Colonialism / Leo Ching 142

“You Asians”: On the Historical Role of the West and Asia Binary / Naoki Sakai 167

Revenge and Recapitation in Recessionary Japan / Marilyn Ivy 195

The “Wild Child” of 1990s Japan / Andrea G. Arai 216

The Rise and Fall of Maternal Society: Gender, Labor, and Capital in Contemporary Japan / Tomiko Yoda 239

Representation, Reality Culture, and Global Capitalism in Japan / Eric Cazdyn 275

Monsieur le Capital and Madame la Terre Do Their Ghost-Dance: Globalization and the Nation-State / Yutaka Nagahara 299

New-Age Fetishes, Monsters, and Friends: Pokemon Capitalism at the Millennium / Anne Allison 331

Otaku Movement / Thomas LaMarre 358

A Drifting World Fair: Cultural Politics of Environment in the Local/Global Context of Contemporary Japan / Yoshimi Shunya 395

Angelus Novus in Millennial Japan / Sabu Kohso 415

Contributors 439

Index 443

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