Keywords in Sound

Keywords in Sound

Book Pages: 272 Illustrations: Published: April 2015

Anthropology > Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Music > Sound Studies

In twenty essays on subjects such as noise, acoustics, music, and silence, Keywords in Sound presents a definitive resource for sound studies, and a compelling argument for why studying sound matters. Each contributor details their keyword's intellectual history, outlines its role in cultural, social and political discourses, and suggests possibilities for further research. Keywords in Sound charts the philosophical debates and core problems in defining, classifying and conceptualizing sound, and sets new challenges for the development of sound studies.

Contributors. Andrew Eisenberg, Veit Erlmann, Patrick Feaster, Steven Feld, Daniel Fisher, Stefan Helmreich, Charles Hirschkind, Deborah Kapchan, Mara Mills, John Mowitt, David Novak, Ana Maria Ochoa Gautier, Thomas Porcello, Tom Rice, Tara Rodgers, Matt Sakakeeny, David Samuels, Mark M. Smith, Benjamin Steege, Jonathan Sterne, Amanda Weidman


"The apparent strategy of the editors is to form a basic, redefined lexicon and this is nicely accomplished. ... Eventually this interesting and thorough experiment reflects the subtle innate heterogeneity of sound, drawing one of the many possible cultural galaxies around it." — Aurelio Cianciotta, Neural

"This is an important contribution to the emergent field of sound studies. It will help in both defining the field more fully and in refining its key terms more elaborately." — European Journal of Communication

"For anyone wanting a substantial, if not comprehensive, introduction to the field, Keywords in Sound is the place to start." — Philip Vandermeer, Notes

"...offers a unique contribution to the field of sound studies through its cross-disciplinary approach to sound." — Michelle Stead, Media International Australia

"Smartly edited with well-chosen and pithy entries, Keywords in Sound promises to become an indispensable book in the fast-growing Sound Studies literature" — Timothy D. Taylor, author of Beyond Exoticism: Beyond Exoticism

"From 'Acoustemology' to 'Voice' in the form of a primer, a very rich and stimulating panorama—historical, geographic, and theoretical—taking up numerous questions concerning this strange thing: sound." — Michel Chion, author of Film, a Sound Art


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David Novak is Associate Professor of Music at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and the author of Japanoise: Music at the Edge of Circulation, also published by Duke University Press.

Matt Sakakeeny is Associate Professor of Music at Tulane University, and the author of Roll With It: Brass Bands in the Streets of New Orleans, also published by Duke University Press.

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Introduction / David Novak and Matt Sakakeeny 1

1. Acoustemology / Steven Feld 12

2. Acoustics / Benjamin Steege 22

3. Body / Deborah Kapchan 33

4. Deafness / Mara Mills 45

5. Echo / Mark M. Smith 55

6. Hearing / Jonathan Sterne 65

7. Image / John Mowitt 78

8. Language / David Samuels and Thomas Porcello 87

9. Listening / Tom Rice 99

10. Music / Matt Sakakeeny 112

11. Noise / David Novak 125

12. Phonography / Patrick Feaster 139

13. Radio / Daniel Fisher 151

14. Religion / Charles Hirschkind 165

15. Resonance / Veit Erlmann 175

16. Silence / Ana María Ochoa Gautier 183

17. Space / Andrew J. Eisenberg 193

18. Synthesis / Tara Rodgers 208

19. Transduction / Stefan Helmreich 222

20. Voice / Amanda Weidman 232

Contributors 247

Index  253
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