Latinx Lives in Hemispheric Context

An issue of: English Language Notes

Latinx Lives in Hemispheric Context
Journal Issue Pages: 148 Volume 56, Number 2 Published: October 2018 An issue of English Language Notes
This special issue investigates the intersections among Latinx, Chicanx, ethnic, and hemispheric American Studies, mapping the history of Latinx and Latin American literary and cultural production as it has circulated through the United States and the Americas. The issue comprises original archival research on Latinx print culture, modernismo, and land grabs, as well as short position pieces on the relevance of “Latinx” both as a term and as a field category for historical scholarship, representational politics, and critical intervention. Taken as a whole, the issue interrogates how Latinx literary, cultural, and scholarly productions circulate across the Americas in the same ways as the lives and bodies of Latinx peoples have moved, migrated, or mobilized throughout history.

Contributors: Jesse Alemán, Elise Bartosik-Vélez, Ralph Bauer, Rachel Conrad Bracken, Anna Brickhouse, John Alba Cutler, Joshua Javier Guzmán, Anita Huizar-Hernández, Kelley Kreitz, Rodrigo Lazo, Marissa López, Kenya C. Dworkin y Méndez, Claudia Milian, Yolanda Padilla, Juan Poblete, David Sartorius, Alberto Varon, Maria A. Windell


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