Literary Value

An issue of: Modern Language Quarterly

Literary Value
Journal Issue Pages: 168 Volume 72, Number 3 Published: September 2011 An issue of Modern Language Quarterly
Special Issue Editor(s): Marshall Brown, Joseph Luzzi, Marshall Brown


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Literary Value

Special Issue Editors: Joseph Luzzi and Marshall Brown

Introduction-Joseph Luzzi

Is Literature a Secular Concept? Three Earthquakes-Bruce Robbins

The Chatter of People and Things-Jeffrey T. Schnapp

Early Modern “Neoliberalisms”: England and the English Caribbean-Valerie Forman

Imaginary Value and the Value of the Imaginary: J. G. Schlosser, E. T. A. Hoffmann, and the Convergence of Aesthetics and Economics in German Romanticism-Richard T. Gray

With Plato in Italy: The Value of Literary Fiction in Napoleonic Italy-Roberto M. Dainotto

Who Wrote “Rock Me to Sleep”? Elizabeth Akers Allen and the Profession of Poetry-Angela Sorby

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