Lively Capital

Biotechnologies, Ethics, and Governance in Global Markets

Lively Capital

Experimental Futures

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Book Pages: 528 Illustrations: 16 illustrations, 1 figure Published: April 2012

Anthropology > Cultural Anthropology, Science and Technology Studies, Sociology > Social Theory

Lively Capital is an urgent and important collection of essays addressing the reconfigured relations between the life sciences and the market. Exploring the ground where social and cultural anthropology intersect with science and technology studies, prominent scholars investigate the relationship of biotechnology to ethics, governance, and markets, as well as the new legal, social, cultural, and institutional mechanisms emerging to regulate biotechnology. The contributors examine genomics, pharmaceutical marketing, intellectual property, environmental science, clinical trials, patient advocacy, and other such matters as they are playing out in North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Lively Capital is not only about the commercialization of the life sciences, but their institutional histories, epistemic formations, and systems of valuation. It is also about the lively affects—the emotions and desires—involved when technologies and research impinge on experiences of embodiment, kinship, identity, disability, citizenship, accumulation, and dispossession. At stake in the commodification of the life sciences are opportunities to intervene in and adjudicate matters of health, life, and death.

Contributors. Timothy Choy, Joseph Dumit, Michael M. J. Fischer, Kim Fortun, Mike Fortun, Donna Haraway, Sheila Jasanoff, Wen-Hua Kuo, Andrew Lakoff, Kristin Peterson, Chloe Silverman, Elta Smith, Kaushik Sunder Rajan, Travis J. Tanner


“This book... is an important collection of essays in the fields of ethics and governance of new life sciences innovation, and deserves to be read by sociologists, ethicists, cultural anthropologists, and all those who work in this field.” — Theo Papaioannou, Genomics, Society and Policy

“In many ways, Lively Capital reflects both the challenges and the benefits of adopting an interdisciplinary approach to researching an issue. As a result, the book provides a thought-provoking read for those with an interest in the processes of commodification and in the politics of emerging bioeconomies.” — Brett Edwards, BioScience

Lively Capital is a challenging, fiercely analytical, and ambitious collection of thirteen essays, tied together by an excellent introduction and epilogue by the editor, Kaushik Sunder Rajan. . . . It is rare to find an edited volume that covers so many diverse and seemingly disparate topics and yet demonstrates such symmetry between its individual contributions.”  — Todd Myers, Bulletin of the History of Medicine

Lively Capital is a terrific collection of essays, an important endeavor which will garner serious attention not only in anthropology and science technology studies but across the human sciences. It will be as widely read as any anthology I can imagine, because of the sharpness of its essays and the diversity of its approaches to the challenges of rethinking the relations of life, capital, and value more generally.” — Lawrence Cohen, author of No Aging in India: Alzheimer’s, the Bad Family, and Other Modern Things

"The air we breathe, the dogs with whom we cohabit, the children we breed, and the pharmaceuticals we regulate co-evolve simultaneously with the differential capitalization of life forms, life sciences, and life circumstances. Convincing us that 'lively capital' is, indeed, a living social form, these essays provide a stunningly provocative read!" — Rayna Rapp, author of Testing Women, Testing the Fetus: The Social Impact of Amniocentesis in America


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Kaushik Sunder Rajan is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Chicago. He is the author of Biocapital: The Constitution of Postgenomic Life, also published by Duke University Press.

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Acknowledgments vii

Introduction: The Capitalization of Life and the Liveliness of Capital / Kaushik Sunder Rajan 1

Part I. Encountering Value

1. Prescription Maximization and the Accumulation of Surplus Health in the Pharmaceutical Industry: The_BioMarx_Experiment / Joseph Dumit 45

2. Value-Added Dogs and Lively Capital / Donna J. Haraway 93

3. Air's Substantiations / Timothy Choy 121

Part II. Property and Dispossession

4. Taking Life: Private Rights in Public Nature / Sheila Jasanoff 155

5. Rice Genomes: Making Hybrid Properties / Elta Smith 184

6. Marx in New Zealand / Travis Tanner 211

7. AIDS Policies for Markets and Warriors: Dispossession, Capital, and Pharmaceuticals in Nigeria / Kristin Peterson 228

Part III. Global Knowledge Formations

8. Diagnostic Liquidity: Mental Illness and the Global Trade in DNA / Andrew Lakoff 251

9. Transforming States in the Era of Global Pharmaceuticals: Visioning Clinical Research in Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore / Wen-Hau Kuo 279

10. Biopolitics and the Informating of Environmentalism / Kim Fortun 306

Part IV. Promissory Experiments and Emergent Forms of Life

11. Genomics Scandals and Other Volatilities of Promising / Mike Fortun 329

12. Desperate and Rational: Of Love, Biomedicine, and Experimental Community / Chloe Silverman 354

13. Lively Biotech and Translational Research / Michael M. J. Fischer 385

Epilogue: Threads and Articulations / Kaushik Sunder Rajan 437

Bibliography 453

About the Contributors 491

Index 495
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