Living with Long Island′s South Shore

Living with Long Island′s South Shore

Living with the Shore

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Book Pages: 170 Illustrations: Published: June 1984

Environmental Studies, General Interest > Travel, Natural Sciences

The south shore of Long Island, one of New York's greatest recreational assets, is receding at the rate of up to six feet per year. In many cases, efforts to halt this erosion actually have increased it. Buildings cone thought safely constructed back from high tidemarks today protrude far into the water.

Even more, the number of homes an facilities built too close to the sea's edge has dramatically increased, making the south shore probably less ready to withstand a major storm than at the time of the cataclysmic hurricane of 1938.

Thus, the question of what to do now to overcome and avoid these hazards takes on real urgency. Pointing to past mistakes, many Long Islanders insist that only by acting in an informed reasonable way can safe and environmentally sound development be possible for everyone.



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List of figures and tables ix
Foreword xi
1. Historic trends and occasional catastrophes 3
2. Shoreline dynamics 16
3. Man and the shoreline 27
4. Selecting a site 41
5. Land use and the law 79
6. Building or buying a home near the beach 85
Appendix A. Hurricane checklist 109
Appendix B. A guide to government agencies involved in coastal development 113
Appendix C. Useful references 121
Appendix D. Field trip guides 137
Index 153
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