Multimodal Media

An issue of: Poetics Today

Multimodal Media
Journal Issue Pages: 196 Volume 40, Number 2 Published: June 2019 An issue of Poetics Today
The term “multimodality” refers to the combination of different modes of communication and representation, employed in a variety of aesthetic and functional contexts in contemporary media culture.  This issue explores the multimodal combination of semiotic resources in a range of forms that until now have attracted comparatively little attention within multimodality studies: multimodal novels, comics, films, television, video games, etc. The articles engage with previously underexplored dimensions of multimodality and thus expand our understanding of what multimodality can mean.

Contributors: John A. Bateman, Evelyn Chew, Torsa Ghosal, Jakob Lothe, Maria Mäkelä, Alex Mitchell, Klaus Sachs-Hombach, Jan-Noël Thon, Anne Ulrich, Janina Wildfeuer


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