Narrative Theory and the History of the Novel

An issue of: Poetics Today

Narrative Theory and the History of the Novel
Journal Issue Pages: 228 Volume 39, Number 1 Published: March 2018 An issue of Poetics Today

What is a novel, how did the genre emerge, and how has it changed throughout history? This special issue addresses these perennial questions by bringing the formalist approach of narrative theory into dialogue with the historical approach of novel studies. It identifies and interrogates the convergences between current scholarship in both fields in order to shed new light on English, French, Danish, and American fiction from the seventeenth century to the present.

Contributors: Paul Dawson, Monika Fludernik, Marta Figlerowicz, Daniel Hartley, Maria Mäkelä, William Nelles, Nicholas Paige, James Phelan, Virginia Pignagnoli, Linda Williams, Simona Zetterberg Gjerlevsen


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