October! The Soviet Centenary

An issue of: South Atlantic Quarterly

October! The Soviet Centenary
Journal Issue Pages: 252 Volume 116, Number 4 Published: October 2017 An issue of South Atlantic Quarterly

Contributors to this issue approach the October 1917 Russian Revolution and the experiments of the revolutionary period as events that opened new possibilities for politics that remain vital one hundred years later. The essays highlight how those events not only affected Russia and Europe but led to the emergence of a new political image of the world and a profound rethinking of Marxist traditions. This issue globalizes the 1917 revolution, emphasizing its echoes throughout the world and the parallel development of political possibilities beyond Russia. Topics include the Soviets from the revolution to the present, the impact of the revolution in Latin America, the work of the legal theorist Evgeny Pashukanis analyzed through the lens of the revolution, anarchist imaginaries, and the historicizing of communism.

Contributors:Giso Amendola, Martín Bergel, Kathy Ferguson, Michael Hardt, Wang Hui, Artemy Magun, John McKay, Sandro Mezzadra, Antonio Negri, Enzo Traverso


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