On Frost

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On Frost

Best from American Literature

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Book Pages: 272 Illustrations: Published: July 1991

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From 1929 to the latest issue, American Literature has been the foremost journal expressing the findings of those who study our national literature. The jouranl has published the best work of literary historians, critics, and bibliographers, ranging from the founders of the discipline to the best current critics and researchers. The longevity of this excellence lends a special distinction to the articles in American Literature.
Presented in order of their first appearance, the articles in each volume constitute a revealing record of developing insights and important shifts of critical emphasis. Each article has opened a fresh line of inquiry, established a fresh perspective on a familiar topic, or settled a question that engaged the interest of experts.


“The articles in each volume are presented in the order of their first appearance in American Literature, and each opens a fresh line of inquiry, establishes a fresh perspective on a familiar topic, or settles a question that engaged the interest of experts. The selections are the most enduring work still useful for the study and teaching of important literary figures, or of an intellectual movement, motif, or genre. They represent the full range of thought from the scholarship that created the discipline and upon which much of the current work rests.” — Dorys Crow Grover, Western American Literature


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Robert Frost and the Sound of Sense (1937) / Robert S. Newdick

The Humanistic Idealism of Robert Frost (1941) / Hyatt Howe Waggoner

Robert Frost's Asides on his Poetry (1948) / Reginald L. Cook

Frost on Frost: The Making of Poems (1956) / Reginald L. Cook

The Unity of Frost's Masques (1960) / W.R. irwin

Religion in Robert Frost's Poetry: The Play for Self-Possession (1964) / Anna K. Juhnke

Frost's Poetry of Fear (1971) / Eben Bass

Robert Frost's Dramatic Principle of "Oversound" (1973) / Tom Vander Ven

Robert Frost and Wallace Stevens: "What to Make of a Diminished Thing" (1975) / Todd M. Lieber

Robert Frost: "The fact is the sweetest dream that labor knows" (1981) / Priscilla M. Paton

Frost's Synedochism (1986) / George F. Bagby, Jr.

Comparing Conceptions: Frost and Eddington, Heisenberg, and Bohr (1987) / Guy Rotella

"The Place Is the Asylum": Women and Nature in Robert Frost's Poetry (1987) / Katherine Kearns

Frost and Modernism (1988) / Robert Kern

"The Lurking Frost": Poetic and Rhetoric in "Two Tramps in Mud Time" (1988) / Walter Jost

The Resentments of Robert Frost (1990) / Frank Lentricchia
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