On Hawthorne

The Best from American Literature

On Hawthorne

Best from American Literature

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Book Pages: 296 Illustrations: Published: March 1990

American Studies, Literature and Literary Studies > Literary Criticism

From 1929 to the latest issue, American Literature has been the foremost journal expressing the findings of those who study our national literature. The jouranl has published the best work of literary historians, critics, and bibliographers, ranging from the founders of the discipline to the best current critics and researchers. The longevity of this excellence lends a special distinction to the articles in American Literature.
Presented in order of their first appearance, the articles in each volume constitute a revealing record of developing insights and important shifts of critical emphasis. Each article has opened a fresh line of inquiry, established a fresh perspective on a familiar topic, or settled a question that engaged the interest of experts.



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Series Introduction vii

Hawthorne and Literary Nationalism (1941) / Neal F. Doubleday 1

Suggestions for Interpreting The Marble Faun (1941) / Dorothy Waples 8

The "Case" of Tobias Pearson: Hawthorne and dthe Ambiguities (1950) / Louise Dauner 24

The Double Symbol (1951) / Harold Orel 33

Hawthorne's Revision of "The Gentle Boy" (1954) / Seymour L. Gross 39

Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter: " The Dark Problem of this Life" (1955) / Hugh N. Maclean 52

The Gharacter of Flame: The Function of Pearl in The Scarlet Letter (1956) / Anne Marie McNamara 65

A New Reading of The Blithdale Romance (1957) / Frederick C. Crews 82

Hawthorne's Allegory of Science: "Rappaccini's Daughter" (1960) / Edward H. Rosenberry 106

Shadows of Doubt: Specter Evidence in Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" (1962) / David Levin 114

Hester Prynne's Little Pearl: Sacred and Profane Love (1968) / Robert E. Whelan 123

Hawthorne and Nineteenth-Century Perfectionism (1973) / Claudia D. Johnson 141

Hawthorne's Public Decade and the Values of Home (1974) / Terence Martin 152

Hawthorne's Coverdale: Character and Art in The Blithedale Romance (1975) / James H. Justus 164

Beyond Convention: The Dynamics of Imagery and Response in Hawthorne's Early Sense of Evil (1980) / David Downing 180

Nathaniel Hawthorne and His Mother: A Biographical Speculation (1982) / Nina Bryan 194

The Scarlet Letter and Revolutions Abroad (1985) / Larry J. Reynolds 221

Nature and Frontier in "Roger Malvin's Burial" (1988) / James McIntosh 245

Nathanel Hawthorne's Intention in "Chiefly About War Matters" (1989) / James Bense 262

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