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On Howells

Best from American Literature

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Book Pages: 288 Illustrations: Published: November 1992

American Studies, Literature and Literary Studies > Literary Criticism

From 1929 to the latest issue, American Literature has been the foremost journal expressing the findings of those who study our national literature. The jouranl has published the best work of literary historians, critics, and bibliographers, ranging from the founders of the discipline to the best current critics and researchers. The longevity of this excellence lends a special distinction to the articles in American Literature.
Presented in order of their first appearance, the articles in each volume constitute a revealing record of developing insights and important shifts of critical emphasis. Each article has opened a fresh line of inquiry, established a fresh perspective on a familiar topic, or settled a question that engaged the interest of experts.



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Edwin H. Cady is Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Humanities, Emeritus, at Duke University.

Louis J. Budd in James B. Duke Professor, Emeritus, at Duke University. Both scholars have served as Managing Editor and Chair of the Board of Editors of American Literature.

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Series Introduction vii

The Literary Background of Howells's Social Criticism (1942) / George Arms 1

A Note on Howells and "The Smiling Aspects of Life" (1945) / Edwin H. Cady 18

Materials and Form in Howells's First Novels (1947) / William M. Gibson 21

The Equalitarian Principle in the Fiction of William Dean Howells (1952) / William F. Ekstrom 30

Howells, The Atlantic Monthly, and Republicanism (1952) / Louis J. Budd 41

William Dean Howells, Ed Howe, and The Story of a Country Town (1958) / James B. Stronks 59

The Ethical Unity of The Rise of Silas Lapham (1960) / Donald Pizer 65

Point of View in Howells's The Landlord at Lion's Head (1962) / William McMurray 71

Marcia Gaylord's Electra Complex: A Footnote to Sex in Howells (1962) / Kermit Vanderbilt 79

The Function of Setting in Howells's The Landlord at Lion's Head (1963) / Mary S. Sulivan 89

The Architecture of The Rise of Silas Lapham (1966) / G. Thomas Tanselle 104

Howells and Ade (1966) / Jack Brenner 132

The Dark Side of Their Wedding Journey (1969) / Marion W. Cumpiano 142

William Dean Howells. George William Curtis, and the "Haymarker Affair" (1969) / Clara and Rudolf Kirk 157

Savagery and Civilization: The Moral Dimensions of Howells's A Boy's Town (1969) / Tom H. Towers 169

Transformations: The Blithedale Romance to Howells and James (1976) / Robert Emmet Long 180

The Wilderness Within: Howells's A Boy's Town (1976) / Thomas Cooley 200

Invalids and Actresses: Howells's Duplex Imagery for American Women (1976) / Sidney H. Bremer 216

William Dean Howells and Charles W. Chestnut: Criticism and Race Fiction in the Age of Booker T. Washington (1976) / William L. Andrews 232

Howells's Oresteia: The Union of Theme and Structure in The Shadow of a Dream (1977) / Barbara L. Parker 245

An Interoceanic Episode: THe Lady of thte Aroostook (1977) / John W. Crowley 258

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