Peripheral Realisms

An issue of: Modern Language Quarterly

Peripheral Realisms
Journal Issue Pages: 236 Volume 73, Number 3 Published: September 2012 An issue of Modern Language Quarterly
Peripheral Realisms sets out to challenge the widespread habit among critics in several interlinked fields, especially US ethnic studies and postcolonial studies, to view realism as outmoded and likely to harbor old-fashioned investments in ethnic or national purity. Nine articles, covering writers such as Roberto Bolaño, Thomas Mofolo, V. S. Naipaul, and Jade Snow Wong and genres such as Irish emigrant documentary and Indian Dalit fiction, suggest that a vital and variegated critical realism has been central to the development of world literature since 1900. Framing essays by Joe Cleary, Jed Esty, Colleen Lye, and Fredric Jameson situate peripheral realism in relation to the history of the literary disciplines, the reflexive aesthetic prestige of international modernism within them, and the changing order of the post-Cold War world.


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Joe Cleary

Realism after Modernism and the Literary World-System

Jed Esty and Colleen Lye

Peripheral Realisms Now

Susan Z. Andrade

Realism, Reception, 1968, and West Africa

Simon Gikandi

Realism, Romance, and the Problem of African Literary History

Toral Jatin Gajarawala

The Casteized Consciousness: Literary Realism and the Politics of Particularism

Sharae Deckard

Peripheral Realism, Millennial Capitalism, and Roberto Bolaño’s 2666

Clair Wills

Realism and the Irish Immigrant: Documentary, Fiction, and Postwar Irish Labor

Petrus Liu

The Peripheral Realism of Two Chinas

Yoon Sun Lee

Type, Totality, and the Realism of Asian American Literature

Sanjay Krishnan

V. S. Naipaul and Historical Derangement

Stephen Best

On Failing to Make the Past Present

Fredric Jameson

Antinomies of the Realism-Modernism Debate

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