Postexceptionalist Puritanism

An issue of: American Literature

Postexceptionalist Puritanism
Journal Issue Pages: 228 Volume 90, Number 4 Published: December 2018 An issue of American Literature
“Postexceptionalist Puritanism” captures and reshapes the place of Puritan studies within the fields and genealogies of American literature. The essays gathered under this title have fully absorbed the lessons of Atlantic, transnational, and comparative approaches. They use these paradigms to construct new intellectual histories and literary genealogies that plot fragmentation, epistemic rupture, and discontinuity as integral facets of American literary beginnings. Emphasizing the work of memory and temporality, this collection reimagines histories as well as historiographies of Puritan literature.

Contributors: Martha J. Cutter, Kathleen Donegan, Abram Van Engen, Rebecca McWilliams Evans, Molly Farrell, Daniel Grace, Hildegard Hoeller, Nancy McCabe, Sarah Rivett, Ivy Schweitzer, Charles Scruggs, Cristobal Silva, Jordan Alexander Stein, Christopher Trigg, Rachel Trocchio, Molly Wallace


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