Postmodernism and Japan

Postmodernism and Japan

Post-Contemporary Interventions

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Book Pages: 312 Illustrations: Published: July 1989

Asian Studies > East Asia, Cultural Studies, Literature and Literary Studies > Literary Theory

Postmodernism and Japan is a coherent yet diverse study of the dynamics of postmodernism, as described by Lyotard, Baudrillard, Deleuze, and Guatarri, from the often startling perspective of a society bent on transforming itself into the image of Western “enlightenment” wealth and power. This work provides a unique view of a society in transition and confronting, like its models in the West, the problems induced by the introduction of new forms of knowledge, modes of production, and social relationships.



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Introduction / Masao Miyoshi and H. D. Harootunian vii

Note on Japanese Names xxii

On Culture and Technology in Postmodern Japan / Tetsuo Najita 3

Critical Texts, Mass Artifacts: The Consumption of Knowledge in Postmodern Japan / Marilyn Ivy 21

Of City, Nation, and Style / Isozaki Arata 47

Visible Discourses/Invisible Ideologies / H. D. Harootunian 63

Modernity and Its Critique: The Problem of Universalism and Particularism / Naoki Sakai 93

Maruyama Masao and the Incomplete Project of Modernity / J. Victor Koschmann 123

Against the Native Grain: The Japanese Novel and the "Postmodern" West / Masao Miyoshi 143

Somehow: The Postmodern as Atmosphere / Norma Field 169

Japan's Dual Identity: A Writer's Dilemma / Ōe Kenzaburō 189

Suicide and the Japanese Postmodern: A Postnarrative Paradigm? / Alan Wolfe 215

Karatani Kōjin's Origins of Modern Japanese Literature / Brett De Bary 235

Infantile Capitalism and Japan's Postmodernism: A Fairy Tale / Asada Akira 273

Picturing Japan: Reflections on the Workshop / Stephen Melville 279

Glossary 289

Notes on Contributors 297

Index 299

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