Queer Diasporas

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Queer Diasporas presents essays that explore how sexuality and sexual identity change when individuals, ideologies, and media move across literal and figurative boundaries. Speaking from a diverse range of ethnic, racial, and national sites, the contributors to this volume illustrate how queer identity in particular is affected in ways that are as varied and nuanced as the cultural, social, and physical environments themselves.
Incorporating literary analysis, ethnographic research, and theories of diaspora, migration, and transnationalism, the essays in this volume address an impressive range of topics, from the divergent medical and epidemiological understandings of the AIDS pandemic to 1950s lesbian pulp fiction. While one chapter focuses on the appropriation of religious ceremony by gay Filipino immigrants in New York City, another investigates the implicit connection between Jewishness and homosexuality in the work of Freud. The gendering of domestic roles in food preparation and consumption in Japanese society gives way to a discussion of Cuban and Jamaican homoeroticism as seen in the works of Reinaldo Arenas and Claude McKay. Chilean author D’Halmar’s orientalization of Spain as queer space and the hybrid nature of queer ‘zine culture in Quebec are the subject of others. The collection concludes with a monologue by “Walid,” a young gay Arab living in the occupied territory, whose sexual and national identities change according to his sexual and social needs.
Illuminating the complex nature of queerness in the postmodern world, Queer Diasporas contributes to the advancement of gay and lesbian studies. It will be important to those working in cultural, literary, and postcolonial studies.

. Michele Aina Barale, Daniel Boyarin, Sandra Buckley, Rhonda Cobham, Amir Sumaka’i Fink, Marcie Frank, Martin F. Manalansan IV, Sylvia Molloy, Cindy Patton, Jacob Press, Jennifer Robertson, Benigno Sánchez-Eppler


“[Queer Diasporas] makes a significant contribution to the growing body of literature that seeks to put queer theory in a transnational context. Most importantly, Queer Diasporas demands that we take seriously the possibilities of queerness and the demands of diaspora, and what they can mean to Asian studies.” — Elyssa Faison , Journal of Asian Studies

"[An] ambitious collection. . . ."

— Alexandra Barron , E3W Review of Books

Queer Diasporas is one of the first books to bring together the concerns of American queer studies with perspectives generated by cross-national, culturally comparative scholarship. This collection is unusual and varied.” — Marilyn Ivy, Columbia University

“To call this provocative collection wide-ranging would give new life to a cliché. The essays bring to the point of ignition all the friction between local sexualities and the dislocations of a globalizing world. These tensions, in examples of a fabulous variety, resonate with the archaic meaning of queer: a movement aslant, sideways. Sexuality is indeed on the move—not just because people are more on the move now than ever, but because non-normative sexualities so generally seem out of place and are so often enabled by the displacements of culture. This will be an extremely useful book not only for queer theory, but for anyone interested in the trajectories of identity and sexual culture in the contemporary world.” — Michael Warner, Rutgers University


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Cindy Patton is Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts at Emory University. She is the author of numerous books, including Inventing AIDS and Fatal Advice, also published by Duke University Press.

Benigno Sánchez-Eppler is an Independent Scholar living in Amherst, Massachusetts.

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Introduction: With a Passport Out of Eden / Benigno Sánchez-Eppler and Cindy Patton

Migratory Vices / Cindy Patton

Dying to Tell: Sexuality and Suicide in Imperial Japan / Jennifer Robertson

Outing Freud’s Zionism, or, the Bitextuality of the Diaspora Jew / Daniel Boyarin

Of Queens and Castanets: Hispanidad, Orientalism, and Sexual Difference / Sylvia Molloy

Jekyll and Claude: The Erotics of Patronage in Claude McKay’s Banana Bottom / Rhonda Cobham

Reinaldo Arenas, Re-writer Revenant, and the Re-patriation of Cuban Homoerotic Desire / Benigno Sánchez-Eppler

Diasporic Deviants/Divas: How Filipino Gay Transmigrants “Play with the World” / Martin F. Manalansan IV

Queer Urbanites: A Walk on the Wild Side / Michèle Aina Barale

Sexing the Kitchen: Okoge and Other Tales of Contemporary Japan / Sandra Buckley

“How Did I Get So Anal?”: Queer Self-Authorization at the Margins / Marcie Frank

Queer in Israel “Walid” collected by Jacob Press and Amir Sumaka’i Fink

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