Questioning the Super-Rich

An issue of: Cultural Politics

Questioning the Super-Rich
Journal Issue Pages: 124 Volume 15, Number 1 Published: March 2019 An issue of Cultural Politics
Special Issue Editor(s): Jennifer Smith Maguire, Paula Serafini
This special issue of Cultural Politics uses the super-rich as a lens for exploring the impact of wealth and power on class mentalities, identities, and cultures. Contributors from a range of disciplines including sociology, economic geography, and cultural studies examine topics such as the media representations and lived experiences of the super-rich, the spatial distribution and concentration of wealth, and the discourses of (de)legitimization surrounding wealth. Throughout these essays, contributors identify the infrastructures that perpetuate and exacerbate inequalities—from politics and policy to financial devices and systems—and analyze emerging tensions within and between the categories of on/off-shore wealth, new/old money, and public/private spheres of wealth. The collection will influence the sociocultural study of elites and the study of the cultural and global repercussions of financialized capitalism.

Contributors: Roger Burrows, Aeron Davis, Caroline Knowles, Jo Littler, Joanne Roberts, Elisabeth Schimpfössl, Paula Serafini, Jennifer Smith Maguire


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