Racial France

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Racial France
Journal Issue Pages: 272 Volume 23, Number 1 Published: Winter 2011 An issue of Public Culture
Special Issue Editor: Janet Roitman
Public Culture presents “Racial France,” a special issue devoted to the place of “postcolonial studies” in the French archive and in current scholarship, shedding new light on the status of race and immigration in France—if not Europe—today. The issue features major texts from Jean-François Bayart, Ann Laura Stoler, and Achille Mbembe, followed by commentaries from a wide range of international scholars, as well as a stunning full-color dossier on contemporary Central African artists examining the legacy of France’s colonial past in the metropole.


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Guest Editor's Letter–Janet Roitman


Imagin(IN)g Racial France: Take 1 — KaKuDji–Dominique Malaquais

Imagin(IN)g Racial France: Take 2 — Mowoso–Dominique Malaquais  

Imagin(IN)g Racial France: Take 3 — Hervé Youmbi–Dominique Malaquais

Imagin(IN)g Racial France: Envoi–Dominique Malaquais


The Pauper's Gift: Postcolonial Theory and the New Democratic Dispensation–Leela Gandhi

Excluding Muslim Women: From Hijab to Niqab, from School to Public Space–Sylvie Tissot


Postcolonial Studies: A Political Invention of Tradition?–Jean-François Bayart

Provincializing France?–Achille Mbembe

Colonial Aphasia: Race and Disabled Histories in France–Ann Laura Stoler


Bayart's Broken Kettle–Robert J. C. Young

Mirror, Mirror, Tell Me Who I Am: Colonial Empire and French Identity–Marnia Lazreg

Racial France, or the Melancholic Alterity of Postcolonial Studies–Ranjana Khanna

The Return of the Native: Postcolonial Smoke Screen and the French Postcolonial Politics of Identity–Sandrine Bertaux

Postcolonizing France–Emilienne Baneth-Nouailhetas

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