Religion and Nationalism in Soviet and East European Politics

Religion and Nationalism in Soviet and East European Politics

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Book Pages: 560 Illustrations: Published: November 1988

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Religious organizations in many countries of the communist world have served as agents for the preservation, defense, and reinforcement of nationalist feelings, and in playing this role have frequently been a source of frustration to the Communist Party elites. Although the relationship between governments and religious groups varies according to the particular country and group in question, the mosaic of these relationships constitutes a revealing picture of the political reform shaping the lives of Soviet and East European citizens.



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Preface to the Second Edition ix

Preface to the First Edition xi

Part I. Comparative Analysis

1. The Interplay of Religious Policy and Nationalities Policy in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe / Pedro Ramet 3

2. The Historical Role of Religious Institutions in Eastern Europe and Their Place in the Communist Party-State / Peter F. Sugar 42

3. Jewish Nationality and Religion in the USSR and Eastern Europe / Zvi Gitelman 59

Part II. The Soviet Union

4. The "Russian Orientation" and the Orthodox Church: From the Early Slavophiles to the "Neo-Slavophiles" in the USSR / Dimitry Pospielovsky 81

5. Catholicism and Nationalism in Lithuania / Kęstutis K. Girnius 109

6. Religion and Nationalism in Ukraine / Vasyl Markus 138

7. Religion and Nationalism in Soviet Georgia and Armenia / S. F. Jones 171

8. Islam and Nationalism in Soviet Central Asia / James Critchlow 196

Part III. Eastern Europe

9. The Luther Revival: Aspects of National Abgrenzung and Confessional Gemeinschaft in the Germanic Democratic Republic / Dan Beck 223

10. Church and Nationality in Postwar Poland / Vincent C. Chrypinski 241

11. Christianity and National Heritage among the Czechs and Slovaks / Pedro Ramet 264

12. Religion and Nationalism in Hungary / Leslie László 286

13. Religion and Nationalism in Yugoslavia / Pedro Ramet 299

14. Religion and Nationalism in Romania / Trond Gilberg 328

15. Nationalism and the Bulgarian Orthodox Church / Spas T. Raikin 352

16. The Fate of Islam in the Balkans: A Comparison of Four State Policies / Zachary T. Irwin 378

Part IV. Conclusion

17. Conclusion / Pedro Ramet 411

Notes 425

About the Contributors 499

Index 503
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