Repression, Exile, and Democracy

Uruguayan Culture

Repression, Exile, and Democracy

Latin America in Translation/En Traducción/Em Tradução

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Book Pages: 272 Illustrations: Published: October 1992

History > Latin American History, Latin American Studies, Politics > Political Science

Repression, Exile, and Democracy, translated from the Spanish, is the first work to examine the impact of dictatorship on Uruguyan culture. Some of Uruguay's best-known poets, writers of fiction, playwrights, literary critics and social scientists participate in this multidisciplinary study, analyzing how varying cultural expressions have been affected by conditions of censorship, exile and "insilio" (internal exile), torture, and death.
The first section provides a context for the volume, with its analyses of the historical, political, and social aspects of the Uruguayan experience. The following chapters explore various aspects of cultural production, including personal experiences of exile and imprisonment, popular music, censorship, literary criticism, return from exile, and the role that culture plays in redemocratization.
This book's appeal extends well beyond the study of Uruguay to scholars and students of the history and culture of other Latin American nations, as well as to fields of comparative literature and politics in general.

Contributors. Hugo Achugar, Alvarro Barros-Lémez, Lisa Block de Behar, Amanda Berenguer, Hiber Conteris, José Pedro Díaz, Eduardo Galeano, Edy Kaufman, Leo Masliah, Carina Perelli, Teresa Porzecanski, Juan Rial, Mauricio Rosencof, Jorge Ruffinelli, Saúl Sosonowski, Martin Weinstein, Ruben Yáñez


“An interesting and valuable contribution because it provides a vivid demonstration of the concern of Uruguay’s intellectual elite with the question of democratic identity in the immediacy of the political moment itself. . . . An original collection.” — Alexandra Barahona de Brito, Journal of Latin American Studies

"A very original work of fine scholarship, an excellent contribution to the literature on the Uruguyan experience. Its multidisciplinary appeal extends well beyond the study of Uruguay to scholars and students with interest in the histories and cultural realities of other Latin American nations, and even beyond that, to the fields of comparative politics and literature." — Deborah Jakubs, Chair, Council on Latin American Studies


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Saul Sosnowski is Professor of Latin American Studies and Director of the Office of International Programs at the University of Maryland.

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Editorial Note ix

As Seen from the Other Shore: Uruguayan Culture / Saul Sosnowski 1

The Role of the Political Parties in the Redemocratization of Uruguay / Edy Kaufman 17

The Social Imaginary: Utopian Political Myths in Uruguay / Juan Rial 59

The Decline and Fall of Democracy in Uruguay: Lessons for the Future / Martin Weinstein 83

The Dictatorship and Its Aftermath: The Hidden Wounds / Eduardo Galeano 103

Popular Music: Censorship and Repression / Leo Masliah 108

On Suffering, Song, and White Horses / Mauricio Rosencof 120

The Repression of Uruguayan Culture: A Response to the People's Response to the Crisis / Ruben Yanez 133

The Power of Memory and the Memory of Power / Carina Perelli 147

The Signs on the Table / Amanda Berenguer 162

From Silence to Eloquence: Critical Resistance or the Ambivalent Aspects of a Discourse in Crisis/ Lisa Block de Behar 178

On Spatial and Temporal Exile: Expatriation and Prison Life / Hiber Contneris 190

The Silences of Culture / Jose Pedro Diaz 196

Fiction and Friction in the Imaginative Narrative Written inside Uruguay / Teresa Porzecanski 213

Postdictatorship, Democracy and Culture in the Uruguay of the Eighties / Hugo Achugar 225

Redemocratization, Culture, Return from Exile (Is It Possible to Go Home Again?) / Alvar Barros-Lemez 239

Uruguay, Inside and Out / Jorge Ruffinelli 251

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