Rethinking Amerindian Spaces in Brazilian History

An issue of: Ethnohistory

Rethinking Amerindian Spaces in Brazilian History
Journal Issue Pages: 172 Volume 65, Number 4 Published: October 2018 An issue of Ethnohistory
The articles here re-examine the areas that have been considered peripheral in Brazilian historiography and do so by placing the emphasis on indigenous history and society. These spaces proved surprisingly impervious to the imposition of external authority, but each space has its own history that cannot be solely defined by the internal and external frontiers of Brazilian colonial and national expansion. Equally, these indigenous spaces influenced policy and practice, as governments sought to exert control over native labor and advance land settlement for colonists.

Contributors: Ted Binnema, Victoria Elena Castillo, Mark Christensen, William F. Connell, Silvia Espelt-Bombin, Mark Harris, Sean P. Harvey, Rebecca Horn, Elizabeth Horodowich, Pablo Ibáñez-Bonillo, William S. Kiser, Andrew Laird, Hal Langfur, Cailín E. Murray, Edward W. Osowski, Heather F. Roller, John F. Schwaller, Robert C. Schwaller, Julie Anne Sweet


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