Section: International Cultural Studies

An issue of: the minnesota review

Section: International Cultural Studies
Journal Issue Pages: 168 Volume 2011, Number 1 Number: 76 Published: 2011 An issue of the minnesota review


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The Limits of Metaphor - G. C. Waldrep

Clerical Error - G. C. Waldrep

Charon - Jasmine V. Bailey

The Color of Turmeric - Ajay Vishwanathan

The Birds and the Bees - Timothy Kercher

A Diorama- Mary Biddinger

Cryptozoology - Patrick Lane

I Keep My Little Sheep Brain in a Jar - Kaethe Schwehn

lesson on dream interpretation- Aricka Foreman

Treatise on Euphemism, Reconsidered - Olivia Valdes

Going Places - Wayland Stallard

Supply Tent Monologue - Stephen Malin

Gettysburg Sniper - Stephen Malin

The Horse Pasture- Lisa Fink

The Ego and the Empiricist - Derek Mong

Philosophy: Several Incarnations - Ben Merriman

Whoopi and My Mother- Michael Homolka

Nonsmoking Section - Marjorie Maddox

Cafeteria- Jazzy Danziger

The Discarded - Jazzy Danziger


Poetics of the Flesh: An Interview with Kaja Silverman - Janell Watson

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A Cinema of Social Conscience: An Interview with Ken Loach- Bert Cardullo


Engaging Advocacy: Academic Freedom and Student Learning - Charlotte A. Kunkel and Sheila Radford-Hill

Surveying the Field

The New Modernist Studies: What's Left of Political Formalism? - Max Brzezinski

Special Focus: International Cultural Studies

What's Left for Latin American Cultural Studies? - Sophia A. McClennen

Global Cultural Studies? - Imre Szeman

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