Selected Writings on Marxism

Selected Writings on Marxism

Stuart Hall: Selected Writings

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Book Pages: 376 Illustrations: 1 illustration Published: April 2021

Author: Stuart Hall

Editor: Gregor McLennan

Contributor: Gregor McLennan

Cultural Studies, Sociology > Social Theory, Theory and Philosophy > Marxism

Throughout his career Stuart Hall engaged with Marxism in varying ways, actively rethinking it to address the political and cultural exigencies of the moment. This collection of Hall's key writings on Marxism surveys the questions central to his interpretations of and investments in Marxist theory and practice. It includes Hall's readings of canonical texts by Marx and Engels, Gramsci, and Althusser; his exchanges with other prominent thinkers about Marxism; his use of Marxist frameworks to theorize specific cultural phenomena and discourses; and some of his later work in which he distanced himself from his earlier attachments to Marxism. In addition, editor Gregor McLennan's introduction and commentary offer in-depth context and fresh interpretations of Hall's thought. Selected Writings on Marxism demonstrates that grasping Hall's complex relationship to Marxism is central to understanding the corpus of his work.


“Brilliantly revising Marxism to incorporate the cultural turn, Stuart Hall not only created critical cultural studies, but he helped construct the intellectual world within which a cultural sociology could emerge.” — Jeffrey C. Alexander, author of What Makes a Social Crisis? The Societalization of Social Problems

“A much-needed collection staging the brilliant Jamaican British sociologist Stuart Hall’s engagement with Marx in and out of the establishment of the iconic Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at Birmingham and his teaching at the Open University. The pieces coauthored with students and the active discussions of the selected pieces by a former student who also taught at the Open University make this volume a living theatre production of a powerful moment in British theoretical practice.” — Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, author of Chintar Durdasha/Jukti o Kalpanashokti


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Stuart Hall (1932–2014) was one of the most prominent and influential scholars and public intellectuals of his generation. Hall taught at the University of Birmingham and the Open University, was the founding editor of New Left Review, and was the author of Cultural Studies 1983: A Theoretical History, Familiar Stranger: A Life btween Two Islands, and other books also published by Duke University Press.

Gregor McLennan is Professor of Sociology at the University of Bristol and author of several books on Marxism, pluralism, and social theory.

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A Note on the Text  vii
Acknowledgments  ix
Editor's Introduction: Mediating Marxism  1
Part I. Theoretical Readings
1. Marx's Notes on Method: A "Reading" of the "1857 Introduction" [1974]  19
2. Rethinking the "Base and Superstructure" Metaphor [1977]  62
3. The "Political" and the "Economic" in Marx's Theory of Classes [1977]  91
4. The Problem of Ideology: Marxism without Guarantees [1983]  134
Editor's Discussion of the Part I Writings  158
Part II. Thematic Overviews
5. Subcultures, Cultures and Class: A Theoretical Overview (with John Clarke, Tony Jefferson, and Brian Roberts) [1975]  179
6. Black Crime, Black Proletariat (with Chas Critcher, Tony Jefferson, John Clarke, and Brian Roberts) [1978]  199
7. Variants of Liberalism [1986]  227
Editor's Discussion of the Part II Writings  247
Part III. Points of Departure
8. Nicos Poulantzas: State, Power, Socialism [1980]  261
9. In Defence of Theory [1981]  273
10. Authoritarian Populism: A Reply to Jessop et al. [1985]  282
11. When Was "the Post-colonial"? Thinking at the Limit [1996]  293
12. The Centrality of Culture: Notes on the Cultural Revolutions of Our Time [1997]  316
Editor's Discussion of the Part III Writings  335
Index  351
Place of First Publication  363
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