Selected Writings on Race and Difference

Selected Writings on Race and Difference

Stuart Hall: Selected Writings

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Book Pages: 376 Illustrations: Published: April 2021

African American Studies and Black Diaspora, Cultural Studies, Sociology > Social Theory

In Selected Writings on Race and Difference, editors Paul Gilroy and Ruth Wilson Gilmore gather more than twenty essays by Stuart Hall that highlight his extensive and groundbreaking engagement with race, representation, identity, difference, and diaspora. Spanning the whole of his career, this collection includes classic theoretical essays such as “The Whites of Their Eyes” (1981) and “Race, the Floating Signifier” (1997). It also features public lectures, political articles, and popular pieces that circulated in periodicals and newspapers, which demonstrate the breadth and depth of Hall's contribution to public discourses of race. Foregrounding how and why the analysis of race and difference should be concrete and not merely descriptive, this collection gives organizers and students of social theory ways to approach the interconnections of race with culture and consciousness, state and society, policing and freedom.


“Stuart Hall was an unparalleled thinker whose work shaped an entire generation of scholarship analyzing race and social difference in capitalist modernity. Anyone working on the cultures of diaspora, migration, colonialism, globalization and empire is indebted to his elegant thinking, political energy, and astonishing erudition. This collection, assembling Hall’s myriad essays and writings on race, from the era of the Suez crisis to neoliberalism, lifts up the deserved relevance of Hall's corpus for a new generation.” — Lisa Lowe, author of The Intimacies of Four Continents

“This volume of the writings of Stuart Hall captures his steady focus on questions of racial difference. Specifically, the text orients readers to the ways in which race animates his intricate conceptualizations of liberation. Hall's capaciousness of thought, pedagogical lessons, and the anticolonial spirit behind his ideas are gifts.” — Katherine McKittrick, author of Dear Science and Other Stories


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Stuart Hall (1932–2014) was one of the most prominent and influential scholars and public intellectuals of his generation. Hall taught at the University of Birmingham and the Open University, was the founding editor of New Left Review, and was the author of Cultural Studies 1983: A Theoretical History, Familiar Stranger: A Life Between Two Islands, and other books also published by Duke University Press.

Paul Gilroy is Professor of the Humanities, Institute of Advanced Studies at University College London.

Ruth Wilson Gilmore is Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and of American Studies at the Graduate Center, City University of New York.

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Acknowledgments  vii
Introduction: Race Is the Prism / Paul Gilroy  1
Part I. Riots, Race, and Representation
1. Absolute Beginnings: Reflections on the Secondary Modern Generation [1959]  23
2. The Young Englanders [1967]  42
3. Black Men, White Media [1974]  51
4. Race and "Moral Panics" in Postwar Britain [1978]  56
5. Summer in the City [1981]  71
6. Drifting into a Law and Order Society: The 1979 Cobden Trust Human Rights Day Lecture [1982]  78
7. The Whites of Their Eyes: Racist Ideologies and the Media [1981]  97
Part II. The Politics of Intellectual Work Against Racism
8. Teaching Race [1980]  123
9. Pluralism, Race and Class in Caribbean Society [1977]  136
10. "Africa" Is Alive and Well in the Diaspora: Cultures of Resistance: Slavery, Religious Revival and Political Cultism in Jamaica [1975]  161
11. Race, Articulation and Societies Structured in Dominance [1980]  195
12. New Ethnicities [1983]  246
13. Cultural Identity and Diaspora [1990]  257
14. C. L. R. James: A Portrait [1992]  272
15. Calypso Kings [2002]  286
Part III. Cultural and Multicultural Questions
16. Gramsci's Relevance for the Study of Race and Ethnicity [1968]  295
17. Subjects in History: Making Diasporic Identities [1998]  329
18. Why Fanon? [1996]  339
19. Race, the Floating Signifier: What More Is There to Say about "Race"? [1997]  359
20. "In but Not of Europe": Europe and Its Myths [2003]  374
21. Cosmopolitan Promises, Multicultural Realities [2006]  386
22. The Multicultural Question [2000]  409
Index  435
Place of First Publication  453
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