Special Issue for Anson Rabinbach

An issue of: New German Critique

Special Issue for Anson Rabinbach
Journal Issue Pages: 236 Volume 39, Number 3 Number: 117 Published: Fall 2012 An issue of New German Critique
Special Issue Editor(s): Andreas Huyssen, David Bathrick


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Introduction–David Bathrick and Andreas Huyssen

Andy Rabinbach as an Inspiration for a Work of Feminist Theory–Jessica Benjamin

An Unwritten Letter from Victor Klemperer to Hannah Arendt and Gerhard Scholem–Steven E. Aschheim

Reimagining Enlightenment: In Pursuit of Prudent Modernity–Dan Diner

Stories of Lynx; or, Husserlian Concepts in Transformation: France, 1945–1960–Stefanos Geroulanos

Thilo Sarrazin and the Politics of Race in the Twenty-First Century–Sander L. Gilman

Remapping Relief and Rescue: Flight, Displacement, and International Aid for Jewish Refugees during World War II–Atina Grossmann

Dialectic of Enlightenment Reconsidered–Jeffrey Herf

German Jewish Scholarship on Islam as a Tool for De-Orientalizing Judaism–Susannah Heschel

Pushing the Defensive Wall of the State Forward: Terrorism and Civil Liberties in Germany–Mary Nolan

Reconfiguring Postwar Antifascism: Reflections on the History of Ideology–Clara M. Oberle

Shame and beyond Shame–Timothy E. Pytell


An Other Unspeakability: Levi and Lagerszpracha–David Gramling

Habent Sua Fata Libelli: The Collector as Augur–Jennifer Holt

Cultural-Political Palimpsests: The Reich Aviation Ministry and the Multiple Temporalities of Dictatorship–Matthew Philpotts

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