Special Section on Friedrich Kittler

An issue of: Cultural Politics

Special Section on Friedrich Kittler
Journal Issue Pages: 144 Volume 8, Number 3 Published: November 2012 An issue of Cultural Politics


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Special Section on Friedrich Kittler (1943–2011)

Introduction-Larson Powell and Geoffrey Winthrop-Young

“Well, What Socks is Pynchon Wearing Today?” A Freiburg Scrapbook in Memory of Friedrich Kittler–Geoffrey Winthrop-Young

The Cold Model of Structure: Friedrich Kittler Interviewed by Christoph Weinberger–Friedrich Kittler and Christoph Weinberger

Of States and Their Terrorists–Friedrich Kittler

Hunting a Whale of a State: Kittler and His Terrorists–Geoffrey Winthrop-Young

In the Wake of the Odyssey-Friedrich Kittler

Excursions and Recursions: Kittler's Homeric Wake–Larson Powell

Cloud Control, or The Network as Medium–Seb Franklin

A Predictably Obedient Riot: Postpolitics, Consumer Culture, and the English Riots of 2011–Simon Winlow and Steve Hall

Horsepower Hubris–Susanne Slavick

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