Stuart Hall

An issue of: South Atlantic Quarterly

Stuart Hall
Journal Issue Pages: 148 Volume 115, Number 4 Published: October 2016 An issue of South Atlantic Quarterly
"Stuart Hall" brings together a range of scholars who pay homage to the legacy of one of the most important founders of the field of cultural studies. Born in Jamaica, Hall spent most of his life in England, where he went on to play a formative role in the establishment of the New Left, a key part of which was the creation of cultural studies. This collection takes the opportunity reflect on Hall's influence. Gathered here are former students, well regarded Hall scholars as well as those making their first foray into his work. The result is a collection of essays that provide a sense of the range, remarkable in its breadth, of his work. There is an essay grounded in urban geography, there are essays on how Hall's work might be considered in relation to literature, there is an essay that takes up a question dear to Hall's heart, what is the relationship of the theoretical to politics and there is an essay on how Hall's work remains crucial to our understanding of race in the contemporary metropolis. "Stuart Hall" makes Stuart Hall available, in new and exciting ways, for the difficulties of our moment.


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