The ACA at 10 (Part 1)

An issue of: Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law

The ACA at 10 (Part 1)
Journal Issue Pages: 252 Volume 45, Number 4 Published: August 2020 An issue of Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law
Special Issue Editor: Jonathan Oberlander
“The ACA at 10” marks the tenth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act with essays from prominent analysts of US health policy and politics. Its contributors, an interdisciplinary roster of scholars, policymakers, and health policy researchers, explore critical issues and themes in the ACA's evolution. Topics include the role of race in US health politics, the ACA's surprising economic impacts, the history of ACA litigation and its implications for future health reform, the paradoxes of post-ACA Medicaid, shifting directions in public opinion, and much more. Offering a comprehensive accounting of the signal event in US health policy of the last half-century, this issue constitute a landmark contribution to the health politics literature.

Contributors: Daniel Béland, Linda Blumberg, Andrea Louise Campbell, Sherry Glied, Sarah Gordon, Scott Greer, Colleen Grogan, Michael Gusmano, Allison Hoffman, Jon Holahan, Nicole Huberfeld, Lawrence Jacobs, Holly Jarman, David Jones, Timothy Stolzfus Jost, Katie Keith, Aryana Khalid, Larry Levitt, John McDonough, Stacey McMorrow, Suzanne Mettler, Jamila Michener, Jonathan Oberlander, Mark Peterson, Philip Rocco, Marilyn Tavenner, Frank Thompson, Carolyn Hughes Tuohy, Alex Waddan


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